Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chris Colley's TV Morsels Episode 23: Major Crimes (TNT) Of Continuity

A funny many time repeated continuity flaw I saw a few weeks ago on Major Crimes (TNT).


  1. I must be blind. I didn't see it.

    1. In the still frame you see for the video above, look at the size adjuster on the hat. Throughout the scene the size adjuster moves up and down on his forehead (as if the hat's been adjusted, though we never see the actor do this). The music is meant to guide you to understand how the adjuster is moving. When it says "up", the adjuster is high. When it says "down", the adjuster has moved lower on his head.

      Other than one shot near the end for creativity, all of the shots play in the order they appeared in the scene (and I cut out a lot of the issue). In fast motion, it's really hard to see, which is why I included a slow motion replay where the issue becomes very obvious once you know what you're looking for.


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