Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Chris Colley's TV Morsels Episode 21: A User's Guide To Believable Enjoyment Of Tyrant (FX)

If you're somehow not thinking Tyrant (FX) is doing enough to hold your attention, this helpful video will show you a couple of ways to believably increase your enjoyment of the show.  Since I find it hard to believe anyone actually thinks it's an enjoyable show, I'm taking a random guess that this is how those who enjoy it...enjoy it...

Chris Colley's TV Morsels Episode 20: (NSFW!!) Warm, Soft Opinions On True Detective Season 2 (HBO)

***NSFW!! Viewer Discretion Advised: Language***

Here's a "backdoor Pilot" for a new series I'm considering called "Chris Colley's Warm, Soft Opinions".  This Pilot episode features my warm, soft opinions on True Detective Season 2 (HBO).

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