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Chris Colley's TV Blog*'s 10 Lumps of Scripted TV Coal I Received And Watched In 2014 (Euphemism For 10 Worst, Because Worst Is Too Strong)

I gave you my 15 favorite shows, and now it's time for me to tell you about 10 shows I was extremely disappointed in during 2014.  Amazingly, I had a difficult time finding 10 shows to put on this list.  It was a year of great, and a year of mediocre.  I didn't bother with stuff that didn't appeal to me to begin with, and that's probably why it was more of a struggle to fill the list.  If it weren't for two shows' seasons crashing and burning by the end, I'm not sure what I would have done.

A lot of these shows were canceled, or are going to be canceled.  Being ranked number 1 on this list means I thought you were the worst of the worst.  Being ranked on this list doesn't mean I didn't watch every episode (or even that it was overtly terrible), it's just that I thought the shows could have been done a lot better.  However, some of these shows were overtly terrible, and yet I still couldn't avert my eyes.  Again, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!

1. Bad Judge (NBC)

Ho-ly s***, this show's Pilot was awful.  I didn't even bother sticking around for another episode, and that's fairly rare for me on comedies, knowing what it takes to develop them into more well-rounded shows.  I didn't have the patience, because it was just so over the top bad for me.

2. Mulaney (FOX)

I gave this show four shots to pull its head out of its a**, and it failed every time.  Really good comedy talent was behind this show, so I just can't see it as anything other than a very poorly executed trolling of the typical multi-camera sitcom audience.  Technically, the show worked, everything else...didn't.

3. Rake (FOX)

In poker, you pay rake when playing.  This show felt like what you pay when playing.  Not even Greg Kinnear's playing of a completely unlikable lead could save this show.  It just didn't work at all.

4. Murder in the First (TNT)

This was a terrible law procedural with apparently a complete lack of self awareness.  It was a case that could have been solved in 45 minutes, and ended up having a terrible payoff after a period of time that must have gone on as long or longer than the OJ trial.  Some good talent was involved, and all I'll say about that is that some good talent was involved.

5. Tyrant (FX)

If this show hadn't been renewed for a second season, it would have been a bigger waste of time than the doomed NBC TV show, Awake.  Instead, it got renewed, The Bridge got canceled, and now it will end up being an even bigger waste of time than one season would have been.  If it didn't provide such good material for Chris Colley's TV Morsels, it would be even more of a waste of time.  Because of that, it is the most entertainingly bad show on this list.

6. Welcome to Sweden (NBC)

I only watched the Pilot, but how did this show happen?  Nepotism sux, Amy Poehler!

7. Working the Engels (NBC)

This show had a Pilot that showed a ton of comedy potential.  So much for that.  Thanks Jason Priestley!

8. The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

This show had so much potential, and it has still yet to realize it.  I don't think it ever will, but I'll keep watching with hope that it does.

9. Homeland (Showtime)

From the moment of a particular gunshot to the opening of a particular door, Homeland had finally found its way back into being a pretty damn good TV show.  Unfortunately for the show, it was book ended by a BUNCH of crap, and that's why it ended up right back on this list despite having a chance at hitting my favorite 15 as recently as three or four weeks ago.

10. The Newsroom (HBO)

I enjoyed the first two episodes of this season A TON.  About half of the third episode went back to bad The Newsroom, and then the show evidently fell off the side of a cliff to end with one of the most resounding series finale thuds I've heard in awhile.  Still, my favorite scene of the year happened in this show (I'll post it before the New Year), proving that not all was bad on The Newsroom, just well more than half of it was.

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