Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Almost Human has been canceled.  If you read my pointless predictions short list post, you will know that I said the only reason this show would be canceled was politics, as its ratings were plenty good enough to get renewed on FOX.  When looking at a comments section, I read (citation needed) that Karl Urban basically didn't really want to do TV, and we all know Michael Ealy would probably prefer to do movies.  This is a big reason why you don't get working movie actors to do TV shows.  Maybe FOX has learned their lesson.  Interestingly, I think we can coin "The Michael Ealy Curse".  He's now been on two TV shows that had ratings that were good enough to get them renewed, but they weren't.  Is it his fault?  I'll leave that to you to decide. 

As for how I feel about it being canceled, there isn't much to say.  I always thought it was an okay show that never really grabbed me.  Toward the end, a nice chemistry had built between the two leads, but the rest of the show was ultimately forgettable.  It still should have been renewed, but I can guarantee you that you won't miss it as much as I still miss Alcatraz (a show that would get renewed today).  Thanks for reading.

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