Thursday, February 13, 2014

RENEW/CANCEL NEWS: Sean Saves The World (NBC), The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC), Killer Women (ABC)

Well, I might as well catch up with what has been a long delay on long past news.  All of the shows mentioned in the title have essentially been canceled.  Sean Saves the World had production stopped, The Michael J. Fox Show is being replaced after the Olympics, and Killer Women had its order shortened.  While only SSTW is confirmed as official, the rest are as official as they need to be, even if they eventually became official, and I didn't notice it, during the busy period I've had lately.  The worst part of writing this was how long the names of the shows were.  Thanks for reading.

Les Moonves Says The Big Bang Theory May Move To Saturdays Next Fall

Pass it on.  The power of the English language is in action here.  Thanks for reading.
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