Thursday, September 26, 2013

TV Premiere And Follow Up Ratings Notes For Tuesday, September 24, 2013: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Dads (FOX), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX), NCIS (CBS), The Goldbergs (ABC), Trophy Wife (ABC), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), The Mindy Project (FOX), Person Of Interest (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC), Lucky 7 (ABC)

Day 2 of the official 2013-2014 scripted TV season brought a ton more scripted shows to the air, and now it's time to find out how they did (a day late and a dollar short).

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Tuesdays at 8pm ET)

11.932 million Overall Viewers (First Half Hour)
4.5/14 in the 18-49 Demo

11.847 million Overall Viewers (Second Half Hour)
4.6/13 in the 18-49 Demo

I know ABC is ecstatic about this premiere.  I knew it would do well, but it vastly exceeded my expectations.  We'll see if it maintains this momentum next week, OR if it crashes and burns.  I still haven't made it all the way through the episode yet, but my wife is already on the verge of tuning out.

Dads (FOX, Tuesdays at 8pm ET)

3.654 million Overall Viewers
1.5/5 in the 18-49 Demo

Uh-oh!  I'm totally shocked that the ratings are already in cancellation territory for this awesome(ly terrible) show.  I'll give it another week before beginning this season's version of the list that no TV show wants to be on, even though I could already add one today.  I expect this show to be on that list, once I do make it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Tuesdays at 8:30pm ET)

4.000 million Overall Viewers
1.8/5 in the 18-49 Demo

This was right about where I expected the ratings for this show to land against its full competition.  It's not a great show yet, but it will be.  I JUST KNOW IT!  If it can stay in this ratings area, it will definitely get a second season.

NCIS (CBS, Tuesdays at 8pm ET)

19.557 million Overall Viewers (First Half Hour)
3.4/11 in the 18-49 Demo

19.392 million Overall Viewers (Second Half Hour)
3.5/10 in the 18-49 Demo

Cue season 300 of this show.  Yawn.

The Goldbergs (ABC, Tuesdays at 9pm ET)

9.107 million Overall Viewers
3.2/9 in the 18-49 Demo

The Wonder Years it ain't.  Despite being right in the generation this show portrays, I can't believe how wrong it's getting almost everything (I can't even tell what year is being portrayed).  I guess this is the alternate reality top 40 existence of my teen years or something, and if you were into that kind of thing, then maybe the show will strike a chord with you.  Knowing that REO Speedwagon was awful was a correct touch, but trying to ultimately turn it into something not awful by the end couldn't be less correct if it tried.  I'm still going to give it a pretty long leash to find itself.  The gasket blowing son makes the show worth watching for me.  I'd be surprised if he's not dead of a heart attack by 22.  ABC's probably running into walls over how excited they are about the ratings for this, though I don't expect it to maintain this momentum next week.

Trophy Wife (ABC, Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET)

6.610 million Overall Viewers
2.3/6 in the 18-49 Demo

This show doesn't quite work, and it doesn't quite not work.  I'll give it a few more episodes to grab me, but it's got a long way to go to convince me that it's worth watching.  The hamster scenes were horrific, but okay.  Weird show, some potential, will stick around for a bit.  The ratings have nowhere to go but down.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Tuesdays at 9pm ET)

16.481 million Overall Viewers (First Half Hour)
3.1/8 in the 18-49 Demo

15.867 million Overall Viewers (Second Half Hour)
2.9/8 in the 18-49 Demo


The Mindy Project (FOX, Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET)

3.034 million Overall Viewers
1.5/4 in the 18-49 Demo

Yo, where the viewers at?!?  Now that Trophy Wife has aired, you can expect Mindy's ratings to tick back up next week.

Person of Interest (CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)

12.708 million Overall Viewers (First Half Hour)
2.3/6 in the 18-49 Demo

11.868 million Overall Viewers (Second Half Hour)
2.2/6 in the 18-49 Demo

Okay, I'm officially mad at you for not watching this show's season premiere.  That's right, I'm talking to you Chicago Fire fan.  Chicago Fire over Person of Interest?  Say it isn't so.

Chicago Fire (NBC, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)

10.243 million Overall Viewers (First Half Hour)
3.2/9 in the 18-49 Demo

8.264 million Overall Viewers (Second Half Hour)
2.5/7 in the 18-49 Demo


Lucky 7 (ABC, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)

4.964 million Overall Viewers
1.4/4 in the 18-49 Demo

4.180 million Overall Viewers
1.2/3 in the 18-49 Demo

Yep, that's DOA.  Next week, this show will be the inaugural 2013-2014 entry on the list you do not want to be on.  Thanks for reading.

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