Monday, September 16, 2013

2012-2013 TV Season Wrap Up (FOX): ...

What is there to say about FOX last season, but LOL?  We had good LOLs (The Mindy Project), and bad LOLs (The Following).  I didn't watch much on the network last season, but that will probably change a bit this season.  So, this will be mercifully short.  I hope you enjoy it.

Shows I watched, in the 2012-2013 TV season, on FOX:

Ben and Kate 
The Mindy Project
The Following

Ben and Kate (Canceled):

I tried to watch this show.  I even got through a few episodes, but it made me really uncomfortable watching it, and I quit.  I didn't miss it, but all 300 people who watched it on a weekly basis probably do.

The Mindy Project (Renewed):

This was my favorite new network comedy last season, and I'm really glad I watched it.  It had the production value of a romantic comedy, but it was really snubbed at the EMMYs (should have been nominated for Writing at the very least).  I didn't think the show had any chance of working, but Mindy's style just totally did, and it was an absolutely excellently written show.  I hope they don't blow it in season 2, but if you liked Mindy at all on The Office, and are not watching this, you're making a mistake.

The Following (Renewed):

AKA The FolLOLwing, no show made me laugh harder during last TV season.  I came to the conclusion, at some point, that it was meant to be an elaborate comedy.  I'll be around for season 2, but don't see how there's any way this show will be watchable by the end of it.  Never has an agency ever looked as inept in TV or movies than the FBI did in this show.  So, these days, I just watch it for the lulz, and it is more than worth watching just for that purpose.

Now that I've wrapped up the 2012-2013 FOX TV season, I'll give my thoughts about the new shows, and whether I'll be watching.


Sleepy Hollow (Fall)-I'm gonna check this out, but I can't see any way the show makes it.  Maybe I'll be wrong, but, then again, this is FOX and I'm hardly ever wrong about FOX.

Almost Human (Late Fall)-I'm really looking forward to this show, even if it's not any good.  This is my new show hope for FOX, so we'll see if it makes it.


Dads-It's been awhile since I've seen a show come into a TV season with such an awful buzz.  From a racial stereotyping controversy, to being criticized for just plain sucking, it's off to a bad start.  I'm gonna check it out, but I don't have any real hope of it making it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Is this show going to be good?  I don't know, but HELLS YEAH IMA WATCH IT!


Rake (Mid-Season)-I have no idea how a show that should be good can look so terrible in a trailer.  I'll watch it, but probably not for long.


Enlisted (Late Fall)-This show might be funny, and I'm going to find out if it is.  It might be really, really dumb.  Not just dumb, but really, really dumb.  That's never been enough to stop me from watching something before, and it certainly won't stop me here.

That's that for FOX, and now it's finally on to the final 2012-2013 TV wrap up for NBC.  Thanks for reading.

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