Wednesday, April 24, 2013

View The Relevant Parts Of The Pulled Hannibal Episode "Ceuf" At

For fans of Hannibal (NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET) who are not aware, this week, they will be skipping directly to episode 5.  In the wake of the Boston tragedy, Bryan Fuller didn't think it would be appropriate to air episode 4, "Ceuf", and asked NBC to pull the episode.  Because there is a level of serialization to the series, many people were understandably upset that the episode would not be airing.  In response to that, it appears that both Fuller and NBC decided to make the relevant serialized parts of the story arc available at, here.  Under the tab called "Video", you will see something that says "Exclusives" and 6 parts of something called "Ceuf".  That's what they're giving us to help keep the story coherent between the skipped episode 4 and this week's scheduled episode 5.  This probably won't be able to be viewed outside of the U.S., but many people who read this blog may want this information.

If you'd just like to click on each individual part from here, I'll list them all below, since NBC's website kind of sucks at being user friendly.  Thanks for reading.

"Ceuf: Part 1"

"Ceuf: Part 2"

"Ceuf: Part 3"

"Ceuf: Part 4"

"Ceuf: Part 5"

"Ceuf: Part 6"

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