Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Things That Made Me Laugh In The Monday, April 22, 2013 Episode Of The Following (FOX)

Do not read further, if you have not seen the episode, as it contains spoilers.  I'll put some spaces in now, so that accidental clicks don't automatically see it.  You have been warned.

Anyone who watches The Following (FOX, Mondays at 9pm ET) knows that this show really can't be taken as anything more than a comedy.  It's patently ridiculous, filled with intentionally horrible dialog (referring to people and events as characters and plot points in a book are examples), and constantly winks at the audience.  I watch it for the lulz, because it is not a show to be taken seriously, in my opinion. 

Before I get to my three things that made me laugh, I want to quickly bring up a brief tangent about the show.  When I watch the show, I can't help but think of Homeland, where Ryan is Carrie.  There have even been a few castings of people from Homeland in the show.  If you've seen Homeland, you'll know that a portion of the early episodes of the first season were spent with Carrie doing illegal surveillance on Brody, including watching him having sex with his wife.  In this episode, we saw Joe (Brody) watching Ryan (Carrie) have sex with his girlfriend using hidden camera footage.  Homeland fans and h8rs should keep an eye out for other parallels.  Okay, that's the end of my Homeland parallel tangent. 

Three Things That Made Me Laugh In The Monday, April 22, 2013 Episode Of The Following:

1.  The following leaves the house they've been staying in, and one guy tells Joe that everyone has a part to play, when Joe asks him if he's ready.  Joe gives him a "loving" hug and it cuts to the next scene.  Later, when the FBI finds the house, we see this character has apparently hung himself.  In other words, his role was apparently to just hang around after everyone else left.  LOL

2.  During the dinner scene, when things start to go south (okay they had already gone way south by then), Claire hits Joe over the head with a wine bottle.  The first weapon she thinks of to grab is a fork, which she then stabs Joe with in his initial stab wound.  In other words, Claire literally stuck a fork in Joe, but, alas, he was...not...done.  (hysterical laughter ensued for nearly 3 minutes)

3.  After the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude grabs one of the followers after she killed someone, Ryan interrogates her.  He hates her Poestylin', and has had enough.  He flips over the table, grabs her by the neck, and points a gun at her head.  He tells her that if she doesn't tell him where Claire is he will kill her.  He seems pretty serious about it, too.  Then, they have a conversation about why Joe has decided that he needs to kill Claire.  After hearing the explanation, Ryan seems satisfied with her answer and backs down.  Of course, she didn't tell him where Claire was.  LOL

I don't think any series has given me more laughable moments in recent history since The Event (NBC).  Thanks for reading.

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