Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inductees Into The First Annual Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall Of Fame

Today, I introduce the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame for television actors, with the very first inductees.  If you're wondering what "face mugging" is, it's a trait where an actor is overly expressive with his or her face.  In many ways, it can cause the attention to be drawn to the actor's face, and right out of the story, for those observant enough to notice it.  In some cases, the face mugging is intentional, and can come across as quite funny.  In others, it completely detracts from the performance and the words that are written.  

Now that you've gotten the background on face mugging, in this post, I will induct the first five members and elect the Chairman of the Board of the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame.  If I can remember to do this once a year, I will induct five more members each year, that can come from both you and me and what we see.  There will be both intentional and unintentional face muggers inducted into the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame, because nothing tells us more about what an actor is thinking than the face.  

As there is no bigger face mugger in the history of television than the great Tim Roth (Lie To Me), I will make him Chairman of the Board.  This post was inspired by the ridiculous face mugging of Kevin Alejandro from the quite decent show, Golden Boy (CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm ET).  The problem with a post like this is that it’s often really hard to capture “face mugging” in photos at the correct effect, as publicity departments won't tend to release those kind of photos.  Still, armed with the knowledge I've just given you, you'll know what to look for when you see any of the First Annual Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame inductees.  If you have others you’d like to nominate for future years, feel free to write me at  You can also leave a comment if that works better for you.  Pardon the ugly formatting, as I can't get it to work the way I want.  Congrats to the inductees, and thanks for reading.

Tim Roth 
(Honored for his outstanding face mugging 
throughout his career and especially for Lie To Me)

Kevin Alejandro (Honored for channeling his inner Robert DeNiro on Golden Boy)
Claire Danes (Honored for channeling her inner everything on Homeland)
Tracy Spiridakos (Honored for channeling her inner sad, scared, or angry little puppy dog on Revolution)
James Roday (Honored for acting natural on Psych)
Nick Offerman (Honored for showing more behind a mustache than anyone thought possible on Parks and Recreation)

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