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Yep, Two and a Half Men gets another season.  Thanks for reading.

RENEW/CANCEL NEWS (NBC): Revolution, Chicago Fire, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Grimm, Parenthood

Revolution, Chicago Fire, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Grimm, and Parenthood have all been renewed for full 22 episode seasons.  Thanks for reading.

TV Ratings Notes For Thursday, April 25, 2013: Hannibal (NBC), Scandal (ABC)

Hannibal (NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)


2.343 million Overall Viewers
1.0 in the 18-49 demo


2.460 million Overall Viewers
1.0 in the 18-49 demo

Folks, this is a ratings crash.  We were lulled into a false sense of security by Hannibal running against reruns the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, the reality is that Hannibal is in a ridiculously tough time slot (I watch all three shows at 10pm, and have to use two DVRs to do so).  All you can hope for now is more impressive DVR numbers, and a potential move to Fridays.  I doubt the show is going to recover much from these ratings when it's not against reruns.  I'll leave my prediction the same for renewal of the show, for now, but we officially have two to three weeks before I make a real decision (I will be factoring in DVR numbers strongly in my own decision, and so far we only have one week's worth).  You might have noticed that I added a poll to the upper right of my blog, please take the time to vote on it if you watch Hannibal.  I think Hannibal is a big DVR show (proven by the L+7 ratings this week), but even that might not be enough to overcome such low Live+Same Day ratings as we saw last night. :(

Scandal (ABC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)


7.982 million Overall Viewers
2.8 in the 18-49 demo


7.537 million Overall Viewers
2.7 in the 18-49 demo

On the other side of the coin, in the other show featuring a ton of psychopaths, Scandal continues to impress with its ratings this season.  It's had pretty enormous ratings growth, from season 1 to season 2, in an extremely tough slot.  We should expect this show to be around for a long time.  Based on the typical storyline, I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow managed to change term limits for Presidents on the show.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

View The Relevant Parts Of The Pulled Hannibal Episode "Ceuf" At

For fans of Hannibal (NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET) who are not aware, this week, they will be skipping directly to episode 5.  In the wake of the Boston tragedy, Bryan Fuller didn't think it would be appropriate to air episode 4, "Ceuf", and asked NBC to pull the episode.  Because there is a level of serialization to the series, many people were understandably upset that the episode would not be airing.  In response to that, it appears that both Fuller and NBC decided to make the relevant serialized parts of the story arc available at, here.  Under the tab called "Video", you will see something that says "Exclusives" and 6 parts of something called "Ceuf".  That's what they're giving us to help keep the story coherent between the skipped episode 4 and this week's scheduled episode 5.  This probably won't be able to be viewed outside of the U.S., but many people who read this blog may want this information.

If you'd just like to click on each individual part from here, I'll list them all below, since NBC's website kind of sucks at being user friendly.  Thanks for reading.

"Ceuf: Part 1"

"Ceuf: Part 2"

"Ceuf: Part 3"

"Ceuf: Part 4"

"Ceuf: Part 5"

"Ceuf: Part 6"

Three Things That Made Me Laugh In The Monday, April 22, 2013 Episode Of The Following (FOX)

Do not read further, if you have not seen the episode, as it contains spoilers.  I'll put some spaces in now, so that accidental clicks don't automatically see it.  You have been warned.

Anyone who watches The Following (FOX, Mondays at 9pm ET) knows that this show really can't be taken as anything more than a comedy.  It's patently ridiculous, filled with intentionally horrible dialog (referring to people and events as characters and plot points in a book are examples), and constantly winks at the audience.  I watch it for the lulz, because it is not a show to be taken seriously, in my opinion. 

Before I get to my three things that made me laugh, I want to quickly bring up a brief tangent about the show.  When I watch the show, I can't help but think of Homeland, where Ryan is Carrie.  There have even been a few castings of people from Homeland in the show.  If you've seen Homeland, you'll know that a portion of the early episodes of the first season were spent with Carrie doing illegal surveillance on Brody, including watching him having sex with his wife.  In this episode, we saw Joe (Brody) watching Ryan (Carrie) have sex with his girlfriend using hidden camera footage.  Homeland fans and h8rs should keep an eye out for other parallels.  Okay, that's the end of my Homeland parallel tangent. 

Three Things That Made Me Laugh In The Monday, April 22, 2013 Episode Of The Following:

1.  The following leaves the house they've been staying in, and one guy tells Joe that everyone has a part to play, when Joe asks him if he's ready.  Joe gives him a "loving" hug and it cuts to the next scene.  Later, when the FBI finds the house, we see this character has apparently hung himself.  In other words, his role was apparently to just hang around after everyone else left.  LOL

2.  During the dinner scene, when things start to go south (okay they had already gone way south by then), Claire hits Joe over the head with a wine bottle.  The first weapon she thinks of to grab is a fork, which she then stabs Joe with in his initial stab wound.  In other words, Claire literally stuck a fork in Joe, but, alas, he was...not...done.  (hysterical laughter ensued for nearly 3 minutes)

3.  After the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude grabs one of the followers after she killed someone, Ryan interrogates her.  He hates her Poestylin', and has had enough.  He flips over the table, grabs her by the neck, and points a gun at her head.  He tells her that if she doesn't tell him where Claire is he will kill her.  He seems pretty serious about it, too.  Then, they have a conversation about why Joe has decided that he needs to kill Claire.  After hearing the explanation, Ryan seems satisfied with her answer and backs down.  Of course, she didn't tell him where Claire was.  LOL

I don't think any series has given me more laughable moments in recent history since The Event (NBC).  Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Fans of Glee (FOX, Thursdays at 9pm ET) can now rejoice, as it has been renewed for a fifth AND sixth season.  Thanks for reading.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inductees Into The First Annual Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall Of Fame

Today, I introduce the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame for television actors, with the very first inductees.  If you're wondering what "face mugging" is, it's a trait where an actor is overly expressive with his or her face.  In many ways, it can cause the attention to be drawn to the actor's face, and right out of the story, for those observant enough to notice it.  In some cases, the face mugging is intentional, and can come across as quite funny.  In others, it completely detracts from the performance and the words that are written.  

Now that you've gotten the background on face mugging, in this post, I will induct the first five members and elect the Chairman of the Board of the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame.  If I can remember to do this once a year, I will induct five more members each year, that can come from both you and me and what we see.  There will be both intentional and unintentional face muggers inducted into the Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame, because nothing tells us more about what an actor is thinking than the face.  

As there is no bigger face mugger in the history of television than the great Tim Roth (Lie To Me), I will make him Chairman of the Board.  This post was inspired by the ridiculous face mugging of Kevin Alejandro from the quite decent show, Golden Boy (CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm ET).  The problem with a post like this is that it’s often really hard to capture “face mugging” in photos at the correct effect, as publicity departments won't tend to release those kind of photos.  Still, armed with the knowledge I've just given you, you'll know what to look for when you see any of the First Annual Chris Colley's TV Blog* Face Mugging Hall of Fame inductees.  If you have others you’d like to nominate for future years, feel free to write me at  You can also leave a comment if that works better for you.  Pardon the ugly formatting, as I can't get it to work the way I want.  Congrats to the inductees, and thanks for reading.

Tim Roth 
(Honored for his outstanding face mugging 
throughout his career and especially for Lie To Me)

Kevin Alejandro (Honored for channeling his inner Robert DeNiro on Golden Boy)
Claire Danes (Honored for channeling her inner everything on Homeland)
Tracy Spiridakos (Honored for channeling her inner sad, scared, or angry little puppy dog on Revolution)
James Roday (Honored for acting natural on Psych)
Nick Offerman (Honored for showing more behind a mustache than anyone thought possible on Parks and Recreation)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BATES MOTEL: The Motel Website Is Real

If you watch Bates Motel (A&E, Mondays at 10pm ET), you might have noticed Norma looking at the new Bates Motel website during the episode.  It turns out this is a real website (view it here), much of it under construction, just like the motel in the show.  There's some wicked humor in it, and I've decided to post three places on the site that I think are pretty funny.  If you haven't seen all the episodes, you might want to avoid the spoilery content.  I'll be adding my own notes to the original captions for the three photos that can be found in the "Attractions" link on the website.  Thanks for reading.

The Great Outdoors
Local teens enjoy an invigorating forest hike.
Take a hike and discover the site where the largest tree on local record once stood before the (now defunct) White Pine Bay logging industry chopped it down.
Yeah, more like running away from drug growers trying to kill them, while Norman and Emma were looking for a sex slave held captive in the woods.-CC

A friendly deputy helps residents enjoy the view.
Once used for exporting lumber, the harbor is now primarily home to locally-owned boats, many of which have belonged to White Pine Bay seafaring families for decades. Kids love the bobbing boats, and it makes for a terrific romantic hideaway.
Everyone certainly had a lovely view of the burning body hanging in the town square.-CC

Midnight on the Bay
Two locals enjoy a private boat ride.
If you're looking for some privacy, nothing beats a midnight cruise around White Pine Harbor. Enjoy the deep waters, the smell of fresh air, and the sounds of local wildlife splashing in the night.
Not only that, you never know what kind of big catch your hook might bring up after their late night expedition!-CC

Friday, April 12, 2013

TV Ratings Note For Thursday, April 11, 2013: Hannibal (NBC)

Hannibal (NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)

4.34 million Overall Viewers
1.6/5 in the 18-49 Demo

I picked these numbers up from TV by the Numbers, but I'd like to talk a little bit about the half hour intervals for the show.  In the first half hour, Hannibal had a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo, and the second half hour had a 1.7 in the 18-49 demo.  That means I think it's very likely the show is going to get adjusted up to a 1.7 in the 18-49 demo in the final ratings.  I could be wrong, but that's how I think it's going to go. 

The good news for the show is that it had no drop from its premiere ratings.  It was obviously helped by Scandal and Elementary being reruns (two shows that cause conflicts in my DVR with Hannibal), but all shows should take victories where they can.  If it weren't for what I expect the DVR ratings to be, I would put Hannibal on the low side of the bubble for renewal chances.  However, I think the show is probably doing great in DVR viewership, due to the subject matter, and people not wanting to watch it right before bed (after watching the first episode, there is no chance I would watch it before bed, based on how Bryan Fuller attempts to sear images into your brain).  I don't know if we'll get the first DVR ratings for it on Monday, or the following Monday, but I can't say that there have been DVR ratings I've anticipated more than this show's in quite awhile.

The Pilot was excellent, in my opinion the best of the entire 2012-2013 TV season, so far, so if you're into this sort of thing, you can certainly watch it and likely not be disappointed.  The last show I was this excited about after the Pilot was Person of Interest (CBS, Thursdays at 9pm ET), which became my favorite show, so I'm expecting pretty great things to eventually happen with Hannibal, as well.  I thought it started out excellently, and demonstrated what I feel is a ton of potential.  After reading how thoroughly planned this show is, I have even more confidence that it will turn out to be an excellent show provided the viewers stick around enough to give it another season.  I will say I have been surprised to see some of the mixed bag nature of comments about the show, but that clearly was not the case in terms of polarization of viewers.  You can tell that just by looking at the zero drop in ratings (and potential improvement in ratings from the first to second episode).  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Open Letter To NBC

Dear NBC,

You now have my permission to announce the renewals of Grimm, Revolution, and Chicago Fire.

K thx bye,
Chris Colley

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

TV Ratings Note For Friday, April 5, 2013: Vegas (CBS)

Vegas (CBS, Fridays at 9pm ET)

7.59 million Overall Viewers
0.9/3 in the 18-49 Demo

Vegas has run out of miracles.  CBS moved it to Friday, this week, and its ratings crashed even further than they were on Tuesdays.  In case anyone was wondering, people just don't change the channel after NCIS:  Los Angeles.  There's no reason for CBS not to run the rest of the Vegas episodes, but you can officially call the show done now.  Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 5, 2013

TV Ratings Notes For Sunday, March 31, 2013-Thursday April 4, 2013: The Walking Dead (AMC), The Following (FOX), Revolution (NBC), The New Normal (NBC) Body Of Proof (ABC), Golden Boy (CBS), How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life (ABC), Go On (NBC), Hannibal (NBC)

It's been awhile since I've done any ratings notes, so I'll do a pretty decent one today.  I don't think I'm going to pick back up on posting the TV ratings every day, unless your comments on this post tell me you would like me to do that again.  If you do, I'll just pick up with Monday's ratings for Sunday's programming.  If there's no response, just forget I said anything.

The Walking Dead (AMC, Sundays at 9pm ET)

12.419 million Overall Viewers
6.4 in the 18-49 Demo

The Walking Dead wrapped up its third season on Sunday, and it had the highest ratings it's ever had.  It's the highest rated show on all of television, outside of sports, and it continues to defy ratings expectations from week to week.  The truly astounding thing about the show is that it's available to only 70 percent of TV viewers, but it has higher ratings than anything else on TV.  Its season to season ratings growth is something to marvel at, as it has somehow managed to completely connect with mass audiences.  Even if people don't like the show, it's pretty obvious they don't want to be left out when it's being talked about.  I'll wrap this up with this image that was obviously deleted from the finale for some unknown reason.  This show will apparently always have the last laugh.

The Following (FOX, Mondays at 9pm ET)

6.57 million Overall Viewers
2.2/6 in the 18-49 Demo

I'm pretty sure this show is just an elaborate joke on the audience.  It's patently ridiculous, and unbelievable how absolutely incompetent the FBI is in this show.  In the previous week, a perfect example of that kind of thing is when Ryan said that he had to be the one to go get Claire.  The boss in the FBI (who is incidentally not Ryan's boss because he's not even in the FBI anymore) said that's not going to happen.  Ryan said it wasn't negotiable.  The FBI guy gives him a mean look, and it cuts to the next scene with Ryan heading out to get Claire.  LOL.  If I were the FBI guy, I would have said, "Well, good luck with that."  The Following is probably also one of the funniest comedies on TV.  Yet, I keep watching.  Viewers are leaving it slowly, but you knowwwwww they'll be back.

Revolution (NBC, Mondays at 10pm ET)

6.36 million Overall Viewers
2.2/6 in the 18-49 Demo

NBC obviously tried to kill this mediocre show (that I'm still watching) with a five month hiatus.  Well, just like just about everything else NBC tries to do, that failed.  The show has strong enough ratings that it's a guaranteed renewal, even though the ratings are down significantly since the Fall season.  Is that because they had four set up episodes in a row before the set up episode of a mid-season finale?  Or is it because viewers forgot about it?  I still haven't even caught up on the show, since it came back, but I prooooooomise I will today.

The New Normal (NBC, Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET)

4.46 million Overall Viewers (9pm episode)
1.7/5 in the 18-49 Demo

3.39 million Overall Viewers (9:30pm finale episode)
1.4/4 in the 18-49 Demo

If the next to last episode was the equivalent of a child's cork gun pop, the finale episode went out with an air SBD fart.  NBC gave the show a chance to succeed behind The Voice, and its ratings were significantly improved from all of the most recent episodes.  I figured the show would need something like a 2.0+ to have a chance at renewal, but I'm just not optimistic that a 1.7 is enough to give it any new consideration.  Considering the finale had a 1.4, I think it's pretty likely that this show won't be coming back, even with its improved numbers on Tuesday.  I want it to, just because I like my friends working, but I can't see any way that it will, outside of maybe a 1 percent chance.  I've been wrong before, so if I'm wrong here, I won't shed a tear.

Body of Proof (ABC, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)

8.56 million Overall Viewers
1.4/4 in the 18-49 Demo

After having to witness Jeri Effing Ryan (no offense Jeri, plz) in her underwear in multiple scenes, getting her freak on in the previous episode, I've finally decided to quit this show.  I had been flirting with quitting the show nearly the entire season, as the new bombastic nature of the show absolutely does not appeal to me in any way.  I really don't know what ABC was thinking with all of the terrible re-toolings this show got.  It didn't need to be amped up, it needed to be dialed back.  The ratings for the show went up behind Dancing with the Stars, so we might not being seeing the swan song for the show.  I'm keeping a close eye on the Live+7 DVR numbers for the show, and will probably be willing to make a prediction of its fate next week.  Right now, I'm definitely leaning toward renewal, considering how poorly other shows on ABC have done in this slot.  I just won't be watching, or maybe I will next season, because it will probably be a totally different show

Golden Boy (CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)

7.83 million Overall Viewers
1.3/4 in the 18-49 Demo

I actually really like this show, and am disappointed it's not performing better.  It has its weaknesses, certainly, and it's pretty soapy, but I'm invested in the story, and will be sad to see it go.  Did you see what I just said there?  I said I will be sad to see it go.  That's right, I can't see any way for this show to come back, despite several scenarios I have tried to play out in my head (Sundays, Fridays, behind Person of Interest, or even Summer).  It just doesn't have any thunder down under.

How To Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life (ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET)

8.44 million Overall Viewers
2.9/8 in the 18-49 Demo

More like How To Type the Name of Our Show Out for the Rest of Your Life.  The ratings for the show are pretty great for its premiere, but the name is terrible.  If it doesn't have any significant fall off for the rest of the season, this is a guaranteed renewal, and may finally be the tentpole Modern Family follower ABC's been looking for for years.  I would have given it one shot had it not conflicted with the two other shows I watch on Wednesdays.  Since it did, forget it, and no I'm not interested in watching it On Demand...

Go On (NBC, Thursdays at 9:30pm ET)

2.45 million Overall Viewers
1.1/3 in the 18-49 Demo

I give NBC a lot of crap for the terrible way they treat their shows, but Go On takes the NBC cake and stomps all over it or something.  This show has been butchered into oblivion, and when they finally started fixing it, The Voice came back (last week), and gave Go On the lead in it had at the beginning of the season, when it was a relatively huge success.  Consequently, Go On's ratings returned through the roof (relatively speaking), and it looked like there might be renewed hope for a renewal.  However, in typical NBC fashion, they decided to move it behind The Office for the rest of its episodes, starting this week, and it became 1600 Penn in the ratings all over again.  Go On has been a terribly mismanaged show, not only on the schedule, but on the page.  I don't know who to blame for that, but NBC seems like a good target, so I blame them.  I used to really like the show, but now I only kind of like it, and that's after they got it back on track after I started almost hating it (Simone anyone?).  It's such a shame they couldn't have just left the show alone, but that's how it goes sometimes...

Hannibal (NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)

4.36 million Overall Viewers
1.6/5 in the 18-49 Demo

Even though these numbers are pretty low (lower than the ill-fated Awake's premiere last season), I'm cautiously optimistic that it will have very good Live+7 DVR numbers.  Are most people really going to want to watch this right before going to bed?  I don't think so, so I'm expecting it to have a significant boost in the L+7 DVR ratings.  I could be wrong or I could be right, we'll know in a few weeks.  I'll be watching it tonight to see if it's any good.  I've heard good things, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it works.  Thanks for reading.
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