Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TV Ratings Notes For Monday, January 28, 2013: The Following (FOX) and Deception (NBC)

It's follow up week for The Following.  Did the cult grow, or were there losses?  We also get to welcome a new show to the list you don't want to be on.

The Following (FOX, Mondays at 9pm ET)

9.96 million Overall Viewers
3.3/8 in the 18-49 Demo

Oh, hey, look, FOX appears to have a hit!  Of course, it's a disturbing show about a cult of serial killers, led by a former Literature Professor with an obsession with Edgar Allen Poe.  I always thought those classes were kind of boring, so it's nice to know that someone is out there who can engage his students to rise above just reading books.  Way to go, FOX, your biggest hit scripted shows, over the last decade or so, are or were about torture, a brilliant a-hole Doctor addicted to pain meds, and now a serial killer with a cult following.  Nicely done...nicely done...

I shudder to think of what's next.

Deception (NBC, Mondays at 10pm ET)

3.75 million Overall Viewers
1.3/3 in the 18-49 Demo

My wife and I came up with the perfect solution to watching this show.  We're only going to watch the finale (if it makes it that far).  It's amazing how a show that could easily be wrapped up in a typical procedural hour has managed to turn itself into a half season of television.  This only works when a show is good, like Damages, Tate Donovan's last show.  The show finished second in its slot, against reruns.  Hey, at least it beat Hawaii Five-O's rerun.  I can't believe there are people who actually watch Hawaii Five-O reruns, since once is enough.  Thanks for reading.

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