Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Fall 2012-2013 Serialized New TV Show Scorecard (Big 4 Networks Only)

Last season I wrote how I thought it was a big mistake for networks to continue down the path of full serialization.  I gave them the key to the lock of the mass audience heart, they looked at it, thought it didn't fit, and have continued down a path of serialized TV destruction.  As I said, the way of the future, on network TV, is hybrid serialization (full definition here), and if your fully serialized show doesn't do that, your prospects are only on the decent side IF your show is good.  Even that is no guarantee of success.  By looking at the post I wrote about the 2012-2013 Pilots, which can be found here, we can begin to understand exactly what's going on with the fully serialized shows that are currently airing.  I'll add to the list as the prospects become more clear for the various serialized shows that will be arriving throughout the TV season.  Tonight is ABC's Revolution, with the premiere of their flagship make or break serialized show, Nashville (Wednesdays at 10pm ET).  Thanks for reading.


Last Resort (Thursdays at 8pm ET)-Canceled
666 Park Avenue (Sundays at 10pm ET)-Canceled
Nashville (Wednesdays at 10pm ET)-Renewed
Zero Hour (Thursdays at 8pm ET)-Canceled
Red Widow (Sundays at 10pm ET)-Canceled


Vegas (Tuesdays at 10pm ET)-Canceled


Revolution (Mondays at 10pm ET)-Renewed
Deception (Mondays at 10pm ET)-Canceled
Do No Harm (who knows?)-Canceled


The Mob Doctor (Mondays at 9pm ET)-Cremated and buried in the desert
The Following (Mondays at 9pm ET)-Renewed

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