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2011-2012 TV Season Wrap Up (CBS): Better Than Before

Finally, I have made it to the end of my 2011-2012 TV Season Wrap Ups.  I'll be relieved when this is done, because these aren't much fun for me to write (hence why you've seen such huge delays).  I'm not usually a big fan of CBS, as a lot of their shows skew outside of my tastes.  However, with the writing of this blog, I have broadened my horizons, and watched more than I ever would have watched in the past.  I'll be checking out even more of their shows this season, and I'll talk about that later.

Shows I watched, in the 2011-2012 TV season, on CBS:

2 Broke Girls
Criminal Minds
Hawaii Five-O
Person of Interest
How To Be a Gentleman

2 Broke Girls (Renewed):

I watched every episode of this show, didn't laugh much, and didn't think it was anything special.  This might have been the best of the "dirty" sitcoms, had it not been for the late entry of Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 (ABC).  I'm not sure what kept me around, but I did enjoy it somewhat, and will be back for next season.  I especially liked the addition of Jennifer Coolidge, but her addition kind of went down the toilet with the one trick nature of the writing of her character.  Making her recurring probably also stole an EMMY nomination out of her pocket.  She stole nearly every scene she was in during her first two episodes, and proved how little presence the leads have on the show.  Too bad they didn't give more depth to her character, or make her character be around for a very short amount of time.  This was the highest rated new show of the TV season on the big 4 networks, and it's probably going to be around for a long long time.

Criminal Minds (Renewed):

This time last year, I told you how my wife and I had marathoned the first six seasons of this show on A&E over the summer.  Last season ended up not being that memorable, but it was still solid, and a series I looked forward to every week.  We've supposedly lost the Prentiss character, and that makes me kind of upset, because they should have just not had her come back to begin with.  There's a really strange dynamic going on with the casting of this show, and it seems really unnecessary, considering how solid this show has been throughout its entire run.  I see no signs of this show going anywhere, any time soon, so that should be a relief to the fans of the show.

Hawaii Five-O (Renewed):

This show has a lot of problems, but it's an enjoyable watch, for the most part.  I also love Hawaii, even though this show makes it seem like the scariest place on earth.  It had another odd cliffhanger (mommy style), and we'll see where it goes next season.  It's just a mostly solid procedural, with a lot of gimmick casting that doesn't work at all.  If it would take itself a little bit more seriously, I think it would be a much better show.

Person of Interest (Renewed):

No matter how much you hate CBS, this show redeems everything.  This is easily my favorite network TV show, and I don't think I've been this excited about a network TV show in a number of years.  There are numerous aspects you need to suspend your disbelief about, but once you do that, you will be on the one of the funnest rides you can have on network TV.  I love this show, and hope it is around for many years to come.  Eventually, I think the Academy will be really embarrassed they took so long to get on board how good this show really is.  It has a really nice story, and it's extremely well told.  If you're not watching this show, you should be.  This show gets my highest recommendation, for network TV.  If you somehow don't like this show, you need to re-calibrate your brain, as I just can't understand why anyone could dislike it if they have even the remotest interest in the genre.

How To Be a Gentleman (Canceled):

I am certainly in the minority here, but I thought this was the overall funniest new sitcom of the TV season.  I laughed more during this show than any other sitcom.  It was by no means an amazingly awesome show, but it was worth your time.  I think people under 30 wouldn't really enjoy it, but if you are around my age (fast approaching 41), I can't imagine there isn't something here you wouldn't like.  The show was DOA, and eventually got burned off, after being yanked after, I think, the third episode.  I missed the last two episodes, and it was gone in 60 seconds from their website.  Maybe one day I'll get to catch the rest.

Unforgettable (Canceled AND Renewed):

It seems like there is always one of these storylines during each TV season.  A show with mediocre ratings gets canceled, and then the network has regrets over canceling it.  Unforgettable was this season's example.  At the time it was canceled, I thought it was the most bland and pleasant police procedural I had ever seen.  I didn't hate it and I certainly didn't love it.  The format was nearly identical to Prime Suspect, but told in a much less obnoxious way.  It also had a significantly better overall cast.  When I went back and watched the episodes I was behind on, I realized this show was getting significantly better toward the end of its run.  I even thought it had almost enough potential to make it a small mistake that it was canceled.  Evidently, CBS agreed, and has decided to make this a summer show on the 2013 schedule.  I'll watch it, and see if it continues to improve.

Rob (Canceled):

This is the only show last season I had predicted renewal for that got canceled.  I don't know the reasons behind the cancellation, but this was a very decent show, with a lot of potential.  With the loss of the great comedic actor Lupe Ontiveros, the show would have had a hard time staying at the level it was at, as she really brought something special to the show.  I'm wondering how possible it was that her illness contributed to the cancellation of the show.  This show had a mostly killer cast, and was a pretty good ensemble.  As with all Rob Schneider vehicles, most of the best comedy was visual.  He played an obtuse idiot, who gradually stops being a completely obtuse idiot.  It was worth a watch, but there may have been larger factors in play for why it didn't get renewed, when it actually had solid ratings, that were certainly good enough for renewal on CBS.

In addition to everything you see here, I will be watching several other shows on CBS, this season.  I'm most excited about Elementary, and will mostly just be checking out at least one episode of the rest to see if any of them can grab me.  That was the strategy I have used for CBS shows for the last two seasons.  Going into last season, I was most excited about the poorly promoted Person of Interest, and Elementary looks like it will be equally as appealing as Person of Interest, to me, even though the promos weren't particularly well done.  I'm optimistic about CBS's schedule, and look forward to seeing if any of their new shows can get to the level of execution that Person of Interest resides at now.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for reading.

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