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Happy 1 Year Anniversary To Chris Colley's TV Blog*: A Few Reflections


Before you start reading this, I'd like to share a somewhat funny little anecdote.  I actually messed up the day of my TV blog's 1 year anniversary, and originally wrote this on Thursday, May 24, 2012 (I even posted it for a couple of minutes, before realizing my error).  I'm going to leave the numbers in that I wrote that day, and add the numbers of what's happened since.  It's pretty staggering to me, and I really appreciate all the page views.


It's hard to believe, but it's already been a year since I wrote my first blog post, which can be found here.  For those who don't like to read such things, I'll quote the basic mission statement (next to my profile picture) from when I began the blog.  You'll have to tell me how well, or how poorly, I've done since writing these words:

 "I may have missed my calling as a network programming executive, but it's probably too late to worry about that now. So, a lot of what you'll be reading will be my thoughts along those lines. It may often be misinformed, or stupid, but, hopefully, it will always be entertaining. I have no idea where this journey will lead, but it's one I feel is worth taking. My friend, Magalie N., poked and prodded me into this journey, and with her support, and hopefully the support of over a dozen others, this could end up being a fun ride."

I find that last statement especially entertaining, and I'll explain why below.

This will be my 216th published post, once it is complete.  I've probably lost much of my expected facebook audience (a dozen or so people who expressed interest), who I was originally writing these blog posts for.  There have probably been some people I could have never expected to read it, who have, and some who probably hoped it would be better than it has turned out, so far, and stopped.  However, I have somehow managed (as of the exact writing of these words) to have gotten 9,225 (as of right now, it is at 10,185!) page clicks.  Of course, some of these are mine, as I get one view for every time I log in, and probably a decent chunk are from the Russian spambots.  One thing I can say for certain is that, over the last 2 months, most of these page clicks have been real (the uptick in traffic over the last month has been truly mind boggling to me, with an average of nearly 1000 page views per week).  I now want to take the opportunity to thank everyone, who has read anything on the blog, for reading.  Hopefully I have given you at least one thing you were interested in.  My goal is to present information in a way you can easily digest (many sites have the information presented, or hidden in ways that is no fun), and to hopefully attempt to do it in an entertaining way.

As a maybe fun exercise, here are my traffic numbers for each month of the blog, so far.  The first month is very misleading, because I hadn't figured out how to turn off tracking of my own page clicks.  So, those early numbers are inflated, and they become much more realistic, shortly after.  The first major uptick in traffic, for the site, came when I started writing about Homeland.  Things really began to take off when I became a regular contributor on several of the IMDb message boards for shows I watch.  That's where we're at now.  As you'll see from the next parts I post, there is a wide disparity between individual post clicks and overall page clicks.  That's because I generally just refer people to the home page via a link in my "signature".  I also don't force people to click to see the whole post of anything they're interested in, which probably further skews the numbers.  I'm not getting paid for any of this, anyway, so the way it's currently done is perfectly fine with me.

Chris Colley's TV Blog* Traffic By Month:

May, 2011-135 page views
June, 2011-372 page views
July, 2011-219 page views
August, 2011-178 page views
September, 2011-238 page views
October, 2011-173 page views
November, 2011-343 page views
December, 2011-431 page views
January, 2012-407 page views
February, 2012-546 page views
March, 2012-1,465 page views
April, 2012-1,290 page views
May, 2012-3,457 page views! (as of right now 4,338!)

Right now, I'd like to give a quick list of my most popular posts, as listed by the blog on the main page, and talk a little about each one:

1. PERSON OF INTEREST (CBS) Season 1 Final Scene Re-imagined By Chris Colley

I posted this late last Saturday night.  As of the writing of these words, I have gotten 263 page views (586 page views as of right now) on this post.  If you watch the show, hopefully you found the video entertaining.  I know I did...I'll be here all post folks. 

2. Fall 2011-2012 Canceled Scripted TV Shows List (Big 4 Networks Only) 

It should come as no surprise that this is second.  What I have found, over the course of the first year of this blog, is that people prefer bad news to good news.  Canceled shows are what gets the page views, folks. (223 page views) 

3. Gratuitous Nudity, An Ugly Sex Scene, A Lot Of Alcohol, A Drug Reference, Shocking Language, Vomit, And A Dominatrix

If you put in a few fun terms in your post title, you are sure to draw some strange traffic (right Katie L.?)This was the review of a Pilot for a show I thought I would hate, but ended up loving.  I won't tell you what, though.  Read it, it's okay.  It's pretty good timing for the second season return of the show, as well. (188 page views)

4. HOMELAND (Showtime, Sundays, 10pm ET): Episode 2 Scene By Scene And Character Dissection

If you followed this blog closely, you will know that I had a little bit of a problem with Homeland.  In the seventh episode, something extraordinarily odd happened, in regards to a character.  I wanted to go back and dissect all of the episodes to find out if this twist made any sense.  The season was over before I got to the third dissection, and you will see, in the next most popular post, below, how I felt. (166 page views)

5. HOMELAND Episode 1: This Is What Happens When You F With The Man

I was so mad at the end of the first season that I wrote a post laden with spoilers that was particularly snarky.  I believe that the writers, based on how the season ended, were just making everything up as they went along.  Because of this, I will never trust the writers to do well on this show, again.  I'll be watching everything with a cocked head from now on, because they cannot be trusted.  In fact, if Awake (NBC) has a dissatisfying ending, I may never watch another Howard Gordon produced show again. (155 page views)
6. HOMELAND (Showtime, Sundays, 10pm ET): Episode 1 Scene By Scene And Character Dissection

Not a lot of people watch Homeland, but a whole lot of people evidently had questions.  Three of my Homeland posts made the top 10 most popular posts.  I consider the Homeland posts to be failures, because I was so angry that I couldn't finish them.  They were extraordinarily time consuming, and there was no reason to continue writing them after the extremely dissatisfying end of season 1. (143 page views)

7. Chris Colley's TV Blog*'s 2012 TV Pilot Season Slate Preliminary Analysis

This turned out to be a very popular post, even though I had no expectations for it.  You can guarantee I will do another one of these, next season. (125 page views)

8. All Of The 2011-2012 NBC Renewals And Cancellations Of Scripted TV Shows Can Be Found Here

My post about the all the NBC renewals and cancellations was probably more popular than many of their shows.  I'll be writing a lot about NBC, and its mind numbing lack of guts in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned. (120 page views, this one moved into 8th place since the original writing of this post) 

9. A Word About The 2012 Mid-Season Premiere and Follow Ups (Monday, February 6, 2012 Episodes)

This was the ratings post I made that included the premiere of Smash (NBC).  As I said at the outset of the post, I knew people were extremely interested in the premiere ratings for that show.   Because of that, they somehow randomly ended up at my blog. (116 page views)

10a. All Of The 2011-2012 ABC Renewals And Cancellations Of Scripted TV Shows Can Be Found Here

Since I originally wrote the 1 year anniversary post, this post surpassed the Sgt. Wu post in page clicks.  That doesn't mean that I'm not going to keep the Sgt. Wu post as 10b, because I think you should read that post, and watch Grimm. (78 page views)

10b. GRIMM (NBC): Sgt. Wu Has An Eating Disorder

I absolutely love that this post made the top 10 most popular posts.  Sgt. Wu is a great character on Grimm, and his mid-season story arc was absolutely fantastic.  He was who helped us realize that something far more sinister was going on in Portland than what we had previously seen.  Keeping track of the things Sgt. Wu ate was a pretty fun experience for the three episodes his appetite was out of whack. (52 page views)


As for my reflections about the first year of the blog, there are lots of things I've learned (I even composed several posts containing videos in HTML!), and lots of places where I still have room to grow.  I've figured out the names of some of my important recurring posts (TV Ratings Notes, RENEW/CANCEL NEWS, etc.), but one thing I have yet to figure out is how to handle my "What I'm Watching Now" feature.  When it started, it was just me writing a paragraph about each show I watched during the week.  Unfortunately, some of the shows in the fall weren't interesting enough to keep me writing about them in that form.  It is now just a "rated" list of what I'm currently watching, but doesn't give you a full idea of what I watch, as seasons begin and end frequently, throughout the TV season.  Due to that inherent problem, I may try to "re-brand" it for the summer shows, and maybe just write about one interesting thing that happened in each episode (for the good ones), or one thing that aggravated me in the bad ones.

As for something I'd like to improve on in the coming year, I don't think I've spent enough time writing about new shows, which is something I think I can do pretty decently.  When the blog first started, I took requests of shows to watch that I hadn't seen (I have a huge blank wall between 2002 and 2010, fyi).  That got me to watch several shows I hadn't seen, and I am glad I did.  I said at one point, in one of my intro posts, that I am a Pilot freak.  That means if I watch a new show, I should write about it, whether it's good or bad.  I'll try to do that this summer, and provided I have the time, I will also go back and write about the Pilot for Common Law (USA, Friday nights at 10pm ET), a show I think anyone with a good sense of humor should be watching.

To wrap up, one thing that will never change is that I love analyzing TV ratings, and I love speculating about the fates of shows.  That will always be a big part of the blog, regardless of whether you wish those posts would go away.  Speaking of going away, I think I've bored you enough with my 1 year anniversary post.  Hopefully things will continue to grow in the next year, and hopefully I will write and create (videos, photo collages, etc.) some more stuff that you will find entertaining.  Thank you ALL for reading (with a special shout out to the people who visit here from IMDb), and I mean that.

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