Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FOX 2012-2013 New Show Trailers

I'll give my thoughts in the coming weeks, but what do you think of what you see here? What will you watch? Thanks for reading.

The Mob Doctor:

Ben & Kate:

The Mindy Project:

Airing Mid-Season:

The Following:

The Goodwin Games:


  1. OK, so I may watch Mob Doctor, Ben and Kate, and the Goodwin Games. The Mindy Project looks silly to me and I am not sure how The Following will play it is a possibility as well. My problem is committing to any because I record too many as it is! LOL!

  2. So far, I'm least enthused about The Mob Doctor, but I think I'll be watching at least one episode of all of the new FOX shows. I hear you about the, it is my problem too, Jami.


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