Friday, April 6, 2012

TV Ratings Notes For Thursday, April 5, 2012 (Scandal, Community, 30 Rock, Touch, Up All Night, Awake)

In a night where it appears the religious holidays have something to do with TV viewing habits, everything was down pretty much across the board.  The only notable exception I could see was Rules of Engagement (CBS), which had roughly the same numbers as last week.  Since everything was down, I'm not sure how much we can read into the numbers that came out today.  If we do need to read a lot into last night's numbers, then a lot of stuff is in beeeeg trouble.

Scandal (ABC, 10pm ET)

7.45 million Overall Viewers
2.1/6 in the 18-49 Demo

My wife wanted to see this show, so I will be watching the show this weekend, to see how it is.  Kerry Washington is a very good actress, which should dull the blow of a show that I can't see being great, solely based on the premise.  For the ratings, it started out just above the bubble.  It's good that some people are interested in the show, at the start, but not enough are, I don't think.  There's probably going to be a moderate drop next week (something like a 1.8), and any ratings drops are something this show is not going to be able to handle.  With the caveat of just about everything being low, last night, is it possible the viewership was worth closer to a 2.5?  We'll know next week, if the ratings go up.

Community (NBC, 8pm ET)

3.10 million Overall Viewers
1.3/5 in the 18-49 Demo

OMG, these numbers are SO low that I'm now going to predict that Community will be renewed.

30 Rock (NBC, 8:30pm ET)

2.82 million Overall Viewers
1.2/4 in the 18-49 Demo

In relation to salaries, this show has to be the most expensive, per viewer, on TV.  I've never seen a more obvious candidate for cancellation, in my life.  But, this is NBC, so they'll probably bring it back for another three or four seasons.

Touch (FOX, 9pm ET)

7.45 million Overall Viewers
2.3/7 in the 18-49 Demo

Touch fans, these ratings should be a pretty big cause for concern.  It's now right on the line that it can't really go below.  Couple that with the fact that The Finder was pulling 18-49 ratings very similar to this, and Touch might be in trouble.  If it drops ANY lower, I think it *could* get canceled.  I don't think that will happen, so I think the show is safe.  It still hasn't even faced its full slate of competition, so things could get worse, when The Office returns.  If any show needs to hope last night's ratings were an aberration, this is it.

Up All Night (NBC, 9:30pm ET)

2.62 million Overall Viewers
1.1/3 in the 18-49 Demo

The Ava 5 year episode caused me to turn this series off.  The loss of The Office lead in has buried this show, in the ratings.  If this show gets renewed, there is something terribly terribly wrong at NBC.  Cancel it, please.  Don't be stupid.

Awake (NBC, 10pm ET)

2.54 million Overall Viewers
0.9/3 in the 18-49 Demo

It's not any less canceled this week, than it was last week.  I'll continue to monitor these brutal ratings.  It will make no impact on the viewership of Scandal, which is probably good for that show.  I just looked at where we're at, in the schedule, and there are still seven episodes left.  This show could get yanked, any day now, and all we can hope is that it gets to move to Fridays or Saturdays to burn off the rest of the episodes.  Thanks for reading.

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