Saturday, April 7, 2012

GRIMM (NBC): Sgt. Wu Has An Eating Disorder

Can I just say that I love this crazy show?  Well, I just did.  There's been a great expansion of the show's mythology in the last two episodes, and something funny happened on the way to unveiling what's going on.  Writers, pay attention, this is how you reveal something through fun exposition.  In the greater story, Captain Renard has asked Adalind to step up her "seduction" efforts in regards to Nick's partner, Hank (who wasn't all that interested in her to begin with).  So, she gets a "love" potion, and mixes it into a batch of chocolate chip cookies that she gives to Hank.  He finds them delicious, and the cookies begin to make Adalind look delicious to him, as well.  That's as much as I'm willing to spill about that story, but Sgt. Wu has thrown a wrench into this plan.

Sgt. Wu asked for a bite of the last love infected cookie, but Hank wasn't willing to share.  When Hank was called out on a case, he left the cookie on his desk.  Sgt. Wu saw that as a golden opportunity to steal it, and eat it.  The problem is that the cookies should only be eaten by the intended target (Hank).  Eaten by anyone else, and these cookies can cause certain disaster, usually leading to death.  Good thing for Sgt. Wu that he ended up in the local apothecary, as his violent side effects began.  His face began to boil, and he found out that all chocolate chip cookies are not good for you.  It led him on a trip that he won't soon forget, and, well, it gave him an eating disorder that hasn't been cured yet, even though his trip should have been over a long time ago.

Things Sgt. Wu has eaten that he shouldn't have:

1.  Chocolate chip cookies that didn't belong to him
2.  Couch stuffing
3.  A paper clip
4.  Chapstick
5.  Unidentified Object
6.  Coins
7.  A whole bunch of other stuff that was taken from his stomach after being rushed to the hospital
8.  Carpet

Those are some examples of why I love this show so much.  The good news is that Sgt. Wu's eating disorder has now been cured.  He had a rough go of it, on Friday, April 13, 2012's episode, but he's going to be okay now.  So is Hank.  Thanks for reading.

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