Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alcatraz Actor Jonny Coyne Knows What A DVR Rating Is

I just read a funny little article on TV by the Numbers.  You'll have to go there to find it.  As I've said for a little bit (I have tried to save it, but, well, no), Alcatraz (FOX) is going to get canceled.  Jonny Coyne, who plays the Warden, said that the show is "huge" in the DVR ratings, so it shouldn't be canceled.  You saw my appeals for viewers to watch it live, and also my noting of those good DVR numbers he is talking about.  My failed appeals to get people to watch the finale live show why the show is going to get canceled. 

Maybe he reads what I write.  If Jonny is reading this, I'd like to convey to him that I especially enjoyed his performance.  He was one of the high points of the show.  I know, just like me, he wants to know when he's coming back to the future.  Almost everyone was hoping he'd come back this season, but it didn't happen.  He's invested in the show, and in his character's outcome.  It's nice to see an actor be that interested, but I hate to disappoint him by telling him that the DVR ratings don't matter when it comes to a show's renewal prospects.  Jonny, if you're reading this, start talking, in public, about how Netflix should pick this show up.  That way, I'll know you're reading.  Thanks for reading.

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