Saturday, February 11, 2012

Classic TV Watchers Rejoice In Your New Choice!

I know I've mostly written about new and recent TV shows on this blog, but the heart of my love for TV no doubt belongs many eras removed from today.  For many years, I watched Nick at Nite, reminiscing over the TV shows I used to love watching as a kid.  Through the years, the shows on there just got newer and newer, causing me to stop watching it (outside of a handful of TV shows that were worthy of watching).  As Nick at Nite got newer, they released the "more classic" TV Land.  It was somewhat like the old Nick at Nite, though with a lot of TV shows I never enjoyed (the old westerns).  It took a few years for TV Land to hit its stride, and then it became something I could watch for a number of hours in a row, each night.  By the mid-2000s, as Nick at Nite got newer, so did TV Land.  Consequently, I haven't watched Nick at Nite or TV Land in a number of years.

Since moving to the Las Vegas area, I have noticed a couple of cable channels that show older programming.  Some of it is good, some of it is not.  However, last night, after watching the Oklahoma City Thunder win an NBA basketball game (Thunder Up baaabe), there was nothing on TV.  So, I started channel surfing.  I was pleased to find The Odd Couple on a channel I had never heard of, called Me-TV.  Then, I saw The Odd Couple was followed by The Twilight Zone and Perry Mason.  Needless to say, I was intrigued to find out more about their programming, and looked through the entire week's schedule.  I came away decidedly impressed with what they were offering, though there are still so many more I wish would come to their airwaves.

Me-TV Shows I would watch (in alphabetical order, bolded make me happiest):

The Beverly Hillbillies
The Bob Newhart Show
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Dobie Gillis
Get Smart
Gomer Pyle
Hawaii Five-O
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mission: Impossible
The Odd Couple
Perry Mason
The Rockford Files
The Twilight Zone

The full list of shows is available here:

Me-TV Network Programs

There are 19(!) shows I would watch on that channel.  It's not scheduled particularly well for my viewing habits, but it makes me happy to see that these shows are back in some form of syndication.  Here's their mission statement, and it's one I can easily get behind (if they weren't based in Chicago, I would seriously want to work for them):

"Me-TV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television. The network showcases classic shows from the 50s through the 80s. You will see some of the best shows ever made for television, all in one place, presented with respect for the programs and its viewers."

If you've made it this far, and have become excited at the amount of choice you now have in classic TV viewing, I'm not done yet.  Listed two channels above Me-TV, in the guide, was Antenna TV (also based out of Chicago).  While its schedule is not quite as impressive as Me-TV's schedule, it is a great complement to it.  At the time The Odd Couple was showing on Me-TV, Antenna TV was showing a block of The Benny Hill Show.

Antenna TV shows I would watch (in alphabetical order, bolded make me happiest): 

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Benny Hill Show
Good Times
Leave It To Beaver
Married...with Children
The Monkees
News Radio
Sanford & Son
Three's Company
Too Close for Comfort

There are 13 shows on Antenna TV that I would check out, at this time.  That means there are 32 classic TV shows that are worth me checking out between Antenna TV and Me-TV.  While I may not end up watching all that much of this stuff, I love that I now have such an abundant amount of choices.  I was beginning to feel like a lot of this classic TV would never end up in any kind of syndication, again, but I'm very happy to find that there are like minds out there, who still appreciate the past.  The full list of programs for Antenna TV is available here:

Antenna TV Programs

If you long for watching classic TV, between these two channels (if available in your area), you should easily be able to get your fix.  Thanks for reading.

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