Monday, December 19, 2011

HOMELAND Dissections: Encouragement Needed

After last night's season finale of Homeland (Showtime, check On Demand listings), I was left with a pretty sour taste in my mouth about this series.  I am right back to where I was when the plot twist happened in episode 7.  The season finale was an extremely well done episode, for the most part, but the payoff was lacking.  We were basically told that everything is pretty much straightforward with what we're seeing.  That doesn't mean this is really the case, but, based on that episode, I think it's much safer to assume that what we're seeing is what we get.  The only thing you can really speculate about now is who the bad guys are inside of the government. 

Over the last couple of weeks, the show was must watch TV, but this ending made me wonder why I'm watching the show (just like how I felt at the end of episode 7).  What's amazing to me is that the episode was exceptionally well done, in most of it, but having it end up where it did just fell flat, for me.  My guess is that most people's thoughts about this show will be based on what side of the aisle they're on.  This show, as of right now, just appears to be being used for propaganda purposes, against ending the War On Terror, and that's the worst place this show could have ever gone.  I'll tune into a couple of episodes next season, to see what they do, but, as of this writing, I'm not excited about the show anymore.  I certainly will never give it the benefit of the doubt, again.  Based on what I heard about what they're planning for season 2 (they have no idea what they're doing, yet), I am not confident they are not just making it up as they go along.  The only potential positive that could come out of my dissections is if the writers read them, and decide to begin plugging the gaping plot holes, or use them to look for other twists.

President Obama has listed this as one of the shows he watches.  I wonder what he thinks about what the show is telling him.  Regardless, the show is practically a farce anyway, due to the suspension of disbelief we are forced to use every week, in regards to Carrie, and how things operate in regards to the CIA.

Unless I get at least 10 likes (I'm negotiable), below, I am canceling writing my dissections of Homeland, because of how the season ended.  It will likely take me 120 hours total to write those, and I don't want to expend that amount of time writing dissections for a series that we were just shown should be taken at a relatively face value, unless I receive a lot of encouragement.  Thanks for reading.

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