Friday, December 23, 2011

Chris Colley's TV Blog*'s Ten Favorite Shows of 2011

Everyone loves doing best of lists at the end of the year.  In the case of this list, it's not a best of, it's just my 10 favorite shows of 2011.  It might include canceled shows, because, like the writers of Homeland, I'll just be making this up as I go along.

Person of Interest (CBS)

This is my favorite "leave your brain at the door" show I've seen in a long time. 

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

This series, outside of Rob Lowe, almost never disappoints.  Watch it.

Psych (USA)

I'm a latecomer to this show, but it is one of the most consistently entertaining shows I have ever seen.

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT)

I avoided this show like the plague because of Angie Harmon, but finally gave it a shot last summer.  It is an amazing show, with an exceptional cast.  You should be watching this show.

Burn Notice (USA)

If this were solely based on the summer season, this would be number 4 on the list, but the fall season was much lower in quality than we're used to.  Only because of that do I put it at number 5.

Franklin & Bash (TNT)

Wow, another show I never would have watched, if it weren't for this blog, ends up on the list.  Snarky, sarcastic, and ultimately always fun, this is must watch TV, if you are into that sort of thing.

Human Target (FOX)

Throughout its run, Human Target got a lot of stuff wrong, but it was always one of the most entertaining shows on television.  I loved it and still miss it, especially because of what a turd Terra Nova is.

Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Showtime is often guilty of trying too hard with their shows.  This is the one show where that is not the case.  I'm pretty sure any directives of edginess are based on Showtime wanting other shows to have more of the spirit this show has.  If you like House, you have no excuse for not watching this show.

Alphas (Syfy)

I could easy have this show swap places with Human Target, because I think it's good enough to be ranked higher.  It's consistently fun, and I love every single character, on the show.  I am also looking forward to where it goes.  You gotta love any show where the crime solving "crew" is transported around in a minivan.

Homeland (Showtime)

Unfortunately, I have to put Homeland on my favorites, because it was, for at least five episodes of the season. However, with the cop out ending of the season, it's going to also end up on another list I'm creating.  It would be on any "best of" list I would create, but I will always put it at the bottom, because it left me so unsatisfied, based on where the series had apparently been heading.

Those were my 10 favorite shows of 2011.  There are so many that are honorable mentions, but the list was only 10.  If it had been my 5 favorite shows, I could have dropped Homeland.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn't have been thinking so shortsighted.  Thanks for reading.

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