Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Decide

As I've been watching this past week's episodes, I just haven't been really feeling up to doing a "What I'm Watching Now".  Those generally take me about 6 to 8 hours to write, and, quite honestly, are generating very little traffic.  If response isn't heavily in favor of keeping it, I am going to drop the feature, entirely, and leave it as the "What I'm Watching Now Primer", so you'll know what I'm watching, what I think of everything, and what potentially could move in the ratings system.  Unless I get a significant amount of people asking me to bring back "What I'm Watching Now", I think it's going to have to die.

If it does die, and there is something in particular you would like me to write about, in regards to the shows I watch, or something you want me to begin watching, by all means, send me an email at  We're in the middle of the first stage of the new TV season, and many series are beginning to suffer their initial doldrums, which means I would be writing about a bunch of mediocre television.  Part of what I've always tried to accomplish on this blog (failing?) is to keep it entertaining and relevant.  I don't think my "What I'm Watching Now" is very entertaining, and it's clearly not my best work on this blog.  The "Primer" serves the purpose of letting you know what I'm watching, so unless really big things happen in the programs I'm watching, I don't think the column is necessary anymore.  Feel free to disagree, and I will bring it back, provided enough of you want it.  It's just too much work, for too few eyes, for me to want to continue with it, for now. 

Use your voice to save or kill "What I'm Watching Now", by leaving a comment, clicking like, or dislike, or whatever...

Thanks for reading.

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