Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Watching Now Fall 2011 Primer

For those of you hate a lot of words, I've decided to make a quick reference guide to how I'm feeling about shows I'm watching.  It's really just the front portion of the 11/1/11 edition of "What I'm Watching Now", but it will serve its purpose.  Ratings may be upgraded and downgraded inside of the primer on a weekly basis, so you'll have to pay attention.  I'll also be adding any new shows that I begin watching, and put into rotation.  I'll link to this primer in each week's edition of "What I'm Watching Now".

Ratings Legend:
It terrifies me how bad this is!  Don't waste your time.
Watch it, miss it, whatever.  Either way, I'll cry myself to sleep.
 Not good enough to like a lot, not bad enough to not watch.
Not bad, not bad at all.  Check it out.
Watch this.  Trust me.
Why aren't you watching this, you sad little person?

 Here's what I've canceled, or the networks canceled, from my TV viewing:
How To Be A Gentleman-CBS canceled
Once Upon a Time-CC canceled, fell behind, and never cared that much to begin with
New Girl-CC canceled, fell behind, and never had a desire to catch up
Charlie's Angels-CC canceled and ABC canceled
 Whitney-CC canceled

Free Agents-NBC canceled
 Prime Suspect-CC canceled and NBC canceled
House of Lies-CC canceled
Up All Night-CC canceled 

Best Friends Forever-NBC canceled

Here's what I am watching, that I was not planning on watching:

2 Broke Girls (CBS)
Revenge (ABC)
My rankings of what I'm watching now: 

The best of the best

Parks and Recreation (Mockumentary Sitcom, NBC, Thursdays at 8:30pm ET)
Person of Interest (Semi-Serialized Thriller, CBS, Thursdays at 9pm ET)
Criminal Minds (Semi-Serialized Police Procedural, CBS, Wednesdays at 9pm ET) 
House (Semi-Serialized Medical Procedural, FOX, Mondays at 9pm ET)
Nurse Jackie (Serialized Sarcama, Showtime, Sundays at 9pm ET) 
Grimm (Semi-Serialized Fantasy Police Procedural, NBC, Fridays at 9pm ET)

Honorable mentions

Touch (Semi-Serialized Suspense Drama, FOX, Thursdays at 9pm ET)
Harry's Law (Semi-Serialized Law Procedural Sarcama, NBC, Wednesdays at 9pm ET)
Law & Order: SVU (Police Procedural, NBC, Wednesdays at 10pm ET)
The Office (Mockumentary Sitcom, NBC, Thursdays at 9pm ET)
Veep (Comedy, HBO, Sundays at 10pm ET)

On the good side of average

Common Law (Somewhat Comedic Police Procedural, USA, Fridays at 10pm ET)
Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 (Sitcom, ABC, Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET)
The Big C (Serialized Sarcama, Showtime, Sundays at 9:30pm ET)
Missing (Serialized Thriller, ABC, Thursdays at 8pm ET)
The Finder (Comedic Semi-Detective, Uhh, FOX, Fridays at 8pm ET)
Scandal (Semi-Serialized Drama, ABC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)
Fairly Legal (Semi-Serialized Sarcama, USA, Fridays at 9pm ET)
Unforgettable (Semi-Serialized Police Procedural, CBS, Tuesdays at 10pm ET)
Hawaii Five-O (Semi-Serialized Police Procedural, CBS, Mondays at 10pm ET) 
Awake (Serialized Crime Drama, NBC, Thursdays at 10pm ET)
Revenge (Serialized Suspense Drama, ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm ET)

On the bad side of average

2 Broke Girls (Sitcom, CBS, Mondays at 8:30pm ET)

Possible ratings upgrades:  

Possible ratings downgrades: 

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