Saturday, November 19, 2011

More "Cancellations"

Late yesterday, ABC came out with their mid-season schedule.  It comes as no surprise that Pan Am was not on it.  This means it has basically been canceled, even though one more episode of the season was ordered.  That means that 14 episodes will air before it drifts off into the moonlight.  Man Up! also suffered the same fate, though that should have come as no surprise to anyone who follows ABC sitcom ratings.  I haven't even posted on my blog about it, because I figured it would be dead on arrival.  All 13 episodes are in the can, and it looks like ABC is planning on airing all of them, if you are into that show.

For a little bit more on this, and the ABC mid-season schedule here are a couple of TV by the Numbers articles:

ABC Mid-Season Premieres

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For those keeping count, here are the cancellations, so far:

1. The Playboy Club (NBC)
2. Free Agents (NBC)
3. Charlie's Angels (ABC)
4. How To Be A Gentleman (CBS)
5. Prime Suspect (NBC)
6. Pan Am (ABC, effectively canceled)
7. Man Up! (ABC, effectively canceled)

That means NBC and ABC are neck and neck for most cancellations, this season.  I don't have any other NBC or ABC shows pegged for immediate cancellation, so nothing should change until the first week's numbers of the mid-season (when Harry's Law moves to Sunday).

Outside of Man Up!, which I predicted to be DOA, before even one episode aired, I'm pretty sure I've gotten the order correct for cancellations, so far, this season*.  With this announcement, I am officially putting A Gifted Man (CBS) on the clock to go next.

*Yes, I know I have been flip-flopping on Pan Am and Prime Suspect, but the events went down almost as I expected, but in reverse.  My original prediction was that Prime Suspect was going to get canceled first.  However, NBC just held it and held it and held it, then skipped airing a new episode, and then did a huge week of promotion to try to prop it up.  Because of NBC's refusal to see the writing on the wall, I switched the cancellation order to be Pan Am and then Prime Suspect.  Then, ABC, in the face of terrible ratings, every week, never said a word about Pan Am.  Even though I never wrote it down officially, I always felt that Prime Suspect should have been gone first, once each series went a few more weeks.  At any rate, Prime Suspect was canceled on Tuesday, and Pan Am was effectively canceled yesterday.  I always figured both would be canceled in the same week, so there's probably really no harm no foul going on here.  If you want to beat me up about it, that's okay, but I have been screaming for the cancellation of Prime Suspect since October 14, when Charlie's Angels was canceled.  Unfortunately for us, we have to endure the burn off of the terrible series.  Whether I make it to the end is the big question.  I hated the episode "Wednesday's Child", and contemplated canceling the series from my viewing.  If last week's episode isn't any good, I'm done with it.  Thanks for reading.

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