Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finally, NBC Has Done The Right Thing

NBC has officially canceled Prime Suspect, even though it was pretty obvious that was going to happen, not only from ratings, but also from the release of NBC's mid-season schedule.  It was absent from the mid-season schedule, but we'll still have to suffer through the last episodes of its initial order.

I also expect Unforgettable to get canceled, by the end of the season, as well, which means that the Supercop genre is still dead, and will likely remain that way for quite awhile, if Unforgettable does, in fact, go away.  For the somewhat fuller story on Prime Suspect, you can read their story about it here:

Prime Suspect Canceled

On a secondary note, I think NBC's mid-season schedule looks promising, in some ways, so maybe there is some hope for them, yet.  While I disagree with NBC not moving Grimm, I understand that there is nowhere for it to move, yet.  As long as that doesn't result in Grimm's cancellation, at the end of the season, I am fine with the decision.  Thanks for reading.

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