Thursday, November 17, 2011

COMING SOON: HOMELAND Individual Episode Scene By Scene And Character Dissection

It's rare that a series makes such a profound impact on me that I am compelled to do an extremely in depth dissection of the show.  If it were a great show, it would be a fun task.  However, I am led to do this by, what I feel, was a terrible plot twist, in episode 7.  If we look at that twist, at face value, it turns nearly all of what we watched, up to the point of the twist, into a big waste of time.  Since time wasting is one of my strengths, these days, I am going to re-watch every episode of Homeland, and will attempt to provide scene by scene and character dissections for each episode as it relates to the plot twist at the end of episode 7.  It is extremely important that you read the italicized part.  What that means is that I am planning on having massive spoilers in these dissections.  If I remember a key point, in the series, I will be relating it to what happened in the episode I am dissecting, at the time, regardless of what order the episode is in the series.  This could potentially ruin your viewing experience, if you read the dissections before you have caught up on the series.  Because of this, I will be prefacing each dissection with a header telling you that if you don't want spoilers, do not read ahead.  If you don't mind spoilers, you can feel free to continue reading that episode's dissection.

It's possible, once I begin writing the first dissection, that this is too big of an undertaking, and that I won't actually finish one.  The good news is that no one really seems to care about my blog, anyway (where dem clicks at?), so it would be no big loss if I weren't able to do it.  If it does work out right, and you actually catch up on the series, before reading them, it will give you a great road map of how to think about the show (from solely my viewpoint).   When it comes to crime shows where you try to solve the crime along with the cops, I always find it relatively easy to figure out who did it, even when convolution is the main key to distracting the viewer.  I also enjoy movies that revolve around elaborate cons.  Because of that experience (rightly or wrongly), I feel I can look at every angle of Homeland accurately, and objectively, even though the plot twist makes no sense in the universe they have presented us, so far.

To make it clear, I like(d) the show, but I don't think it is the best thing since sliced bread.  I am watching at least a half a dozen shows I think are better than this one.  However, if there is more to what happened at the end of the last episode than met our initial eyes, this could be a great show, from this point forward.  If it just turns into a chase show, I'll be checking out at the end of season 1, unless it does something quite spectacular to grab me at the end.  I already mentioned my hesitation about watching this series, in an earlier blog post.  If we take the plot twist of episode 7, at face value, my biggest fear for the genre (and why I don't watch shows like this) will take hold.  Let's hope it is just a decoy.  If not, this series will end up being a giant disappointment, at least to me.

If you think you might be interested in going along for the ride on this, please click like below.  The only way I won't be writing these dissections is if it turns out I am not capable of analyzing and presenting my thoughts well enough to do so.  Again, it's not like anyone's reading the blog, anyway, so if it never makes it to print, it won't be a tragic loss.  I plan on re-watching the first episode, again, later today.  My goal is to write in tandem with each episode, and to edit everything, after I've finished watching, while putting together final thoughts to go along with each episode's dissection.  Because I've never done anything like this, before, I have no idea how long it will take to complete one.  We'll see how it goes.  Thanks for reading.


  1. I have to agree. The plot twist doesn't make sense. Also, didn't Brody say he was forced to kill his partner in the last episode? A little explaining to do, Brody! Claire Danes confused looks are starting to bug me. Take your meds, Carrie! I was really enjoying the cat and mouse game until now. Hope this show doesn't turn out to be a long drawned out storyline like "Prison Break" was on Fox a few years back.

  2. It should definitely be interesting to see where they take it from where it is, since they've kind of blown up everything we've seen, so far...


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