Friday, October 28, 2011

An Open Message To NBC

Dear NBC,

You officially have my blessing to cancel Prime Suspect.  Please don't let another episode air, if you don't want it to hit a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo.  Do you really want a police procedural with fewer than 4 million overall viewers?  No, I don't think you want that. 

Move Grimm over to that slot, starting next week.  Can it do worse than what Prime Suspect did after your failed experiment?  Does it really matter?  It's not like you think Grimm can possibly make it.  I like the idea of Grimm much better than the execution of what I saw on Prime Suspect.  Put your faith behind that show, even if it's not any good. 

All I'm really asking is that another episode of Prime Suspect does not air.  Please officially cancel Prime Suspect by next Wednesday...please.

Thanks for reading,
Chris Colley's TV Blog


  1. "Prime Suspect" is a really bad car accident that I must pull over to the side of the road to watch, because I just can't believe how horribly horrible it is. It's sooooo clichè!! OMG!! They should get an Emmy for "Best Clichè Show"... (no that would be any show on CBS)... I know what's gonna happen on this show long before it happens. I hate the hat Maria Bello wears. Is she Columbo??? I hate the "tough queens chick cop" thing. Is this Cagney and Lacey???? I'm over the sexual harrasment and workplace discrimination innuendos, and I just don't like Maria Bello. I didn't like her when she was on L&A:SVU, and you know she's basically playng that same character but in another precient and it's not a spin off.
    The ONLY saving grace about this show is that it's actually shot in NYC (unlike CSI:NY). And I love NYC as the 3rd character!!! In conclusion... I only watch the show because it's too bad NOT to watch.


  2. Hahahaha,those are my sentiments almost exactly. Well played, Ms. Gee! I do have to burst your bubble a little, though. I noticed L.A. geography two weeks ago (street sign), and did a little research. It appears at least some of it is being shot in L.A. now.

  3. You know what a change in location means ... 'bout to be cut ;)

  4. I only want it to be canceled this week. Please, please, please. ;)


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