Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New What I'm Watching Now (Coming Soon)

Ah yes, this thing still does exist.  Sometimes, when you get busy, you just gotta put it on the back burner.  While being so busy, I've been thinking about what to do with this column.  I'm not really sure how often I should do it, so I'm going to put a poll up, which I'm sure no one will answer.  I'll leave it up until I am ready to write the next one.  Since my last edition, some shows have already been canceled, and some others have begun.  I'm not ready to write this, today, so what I'm going to do is unveil my new ratings system, and put up the poll to find out how often you'd really like this feature to be done, in the future.  If you don't answer, I'll just continue doing it at my own whim, and we see how that's gone, so far.

As I said above, I am also going to be implementing a new ratings system, because stars systems are so boring.  Here's the new legend, for what you can expect to see in the next edition of "What I'm Watching Now".  I hope you'll like the new ratings system.

Ratings Legend:
-It terrifies me how bad this is!  Don't waste your time.
-Watch it, miss it, whatever.  Either way, I'll cry myself to sleep.
-Not good enough to like a lot, not bad enough to not watch.
-Not bad, not bad at all.  Check it out.
-Watch this.  Trust me.
-Why aren't you watching this, you terrible person?

That's the new ratings legend.  If you like it, click like below.  I like to feel like you're out there, and that you care, even if you don't.  Hopefully, I'll actually do some text to go along with it pretty soon.  Also, make sure to vote in my poll for how often you'd like to see me write about what I'm watching now.  Thanks for reading.

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