Friday, October 14, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust In The 2011-2012 TV Season

So far, this season, we have had three major cancellations (I don't include the CW in my writings, even though ABC's brain dead marketing execs apparently think they're competition).  Those series, in order, are The Playboy Club, Free Agents, and now, Charlie's Angels, which was canceled today.  All three of these series were in bad shape out of the gate.  The Playboy Club and Free Agents got out of the gate horribly, and Charlie's Angels was just...horrible.  In order, I have predicted the series that would get canceled (I have mostly been talking about Charlie's Angels on facebook).

If there hadn't already been a bloodbath at NBC, I would say that Prime Suspect is due for immediate cancellation.  However, I'm sure there's been such embarrassment with the disaster that is their schedule, that they don't want to do more bloodletting, at the moment.  What I find interesting is that NBC has taken to ordering scripts, as opposed to episodes.  Prime Suspect and Harry's Law were given script orders, and I'm sure if NBC doesn't like the scripts they receive, that both shows will be done.  I said in a ratings follow up blog post that no police procedural with the ratings Prime Suspect has, has ever not been canceled.  The ratings were down significantly again, this week, so the countdown is on.  As much as everyone thinks Harry's Law is getting canceled, I just don't see it, yet.  It doesn't target the 18-49 demo, and it really doesn't target it, this season.  It also was beating the crap out of Charlie's Angels in overall viewers.  In the queue, behind Prime Suspect, for me, is Pan AmA Gifted Man should probably get at least some mention as being in the same boarding group of fail that includes Prime Suspect and Pan Am, but does CBS even have anything to replace it?  Maybe they should air a test pattern in that slot, and see how it does.  Terra Nova, in my opinion, is also getting canceled, but there's no chance that's happening until every episode from the first season airs.

As a brief word, I would like to say something about the CBS series How To Be A Gentleman.  This is the best new sitcom, I've seen, this season.  It's very tight, and it does have some nice laughs in it, in every episode.  No one does the "I don't get it" look better than Kevin Dillon.  He's almost like a cartoon character, the way he uses his face.  It skews much older than the popular sitcoms on CBS, and it has been moved to Saturday nights.  That means it's effectively canceled.  I think this series is probably this season's CHAOS, as a series that is probably just on the wrong network, but is good enough to stay on the air.  It probably would have done great in the ratings if CBS had given it the Two and a Half Men lead in.  Its ratings are high for sitcoms, in general, everywhere else, but on CBS, those ratings just aren't good enough to stick around.  In my first words about the series, on this blog, I labeled it as DOA in the ratings, and that certainly appears to be the case.

Whitney's ratings are also dropping like a millstone in the ocean, so unless the bleeding stops soon, you can forget about this terrible (in my opinion) series coming back for a second season.  I canceled it after the third episode, as it is so far out of my funny zone, and Whitney seems like a deranged psychotic that no one would be interested in being with.  I certainly don't want to see her half naked, doing fantasy role playing, with that gross looking dude, every week. Up All Night continues to flirt with disaster, but it has gotten significantly better than the first three episodes (all the way up to 2.75 stars for  Part of its improvement has come from Will Arnett decidedly turning himself down a notch, and he's fast becoming Christina's straight man.

I won't buy into the doom and gloom of Person of Interest and Body of Proof being in trouble, yet.  Sometimes, everyone gets so caught up in the 18-49 demo that they forget that Person of Interest has a horrible lead in, for the type of show it is.  It's led in by a very successful young skewing sitcom, and the series basically has no "hot looking" young women on it.  I can't see that CBS could have had any expectations of holding its lead in, and if they did, then they need to put down the crack pipes.  Body of Proof is a terrible show, with so much potential.  Solely because of that (the series is so alienating to its first season's viewers), it's in relatively deep trouble to get a third season, but I'm also relatively positive it will make it the whole season, even if I am relatively confident it won't get a third season.  If ever a series needed a major re-tooling, this is the one, but someone has dug in and decided this show just needed to be lit darker and needed to be funnier, or something.

Those are a few of my early thoughts on the season so far.  I hope it proves prophetic, and that you enjoyed reading it.  I'm really hoping to do a "What I'm Watching Now" soon, but not yet.  Thanks for reading.

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