Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Word About The 2011 Fall Season Openings (Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Premieres)

Well, someone was foolish enough to click like at the bottom of yesterday's blog post, so I will continue on with my brief words about ratings and thoughts, as each day's premieres happen.  Since it worked so well, yesterday, I'm going to link to an article about Tuesday's ratings on TV by the Numbers, and then give a few thoughts of my own.

TV by the Numbers ratings article for Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notable for good ratings:

New Girl (FOX)

10.28 million Overall Viewers
4.8/12 in the 18-49 demo

I checked out New Girl, because my friend, Scott D., told me he was going to check it out as part of his fall lineup.  I thought the episode was a bit rough, but I can see that it has more potential than both Up All Night and Free Agents (the bar is low, I guess).  Uniquely, this episode had been available to the public, on the internet, for at least several weeks.  I wasn't aware networks were trying to increase buzz, by showing Pilots in places other than TV, in this way.  Evidently, Whitney is available, as well, but I can wait until tomorrow to see it.  I think that FOX would have to consider these ratings to be fantastic.  It outperformed Glee, in both overall viewership and the 18-49 demo, which was supposed to give this series a great lead in.  Then, it absolutely crushed the solidly rated season premiere of Raising Hope, which followed it.  This series is clearly geared to 25-35 year olds, so I fall outside of the target demo.  I think it's a little too quirky for its own good, but if they tone down some of the negative aspects of the show, it will be very watchable.  If it manages to sustain ratings even remotely close to this, it would have to be a lock for a second season pick up. 

Unforgettable (CBS)

14.09 million Overall Viewers
2.9/8 in the 18-49 demo

If you see the lead actress in the street, please make sure to ask her inane questions about the shooting of the series, to find out if she's gone "method".  I know I will.  I haven't seen the episode, yet, but it's on my DVR.  I was pretty surprised to see it put up such great opening numbers.  It's pretty solid in the 18-49 demo, and it crushes the overall viewership of Hawaii Five-O, which targets a similar audience, in my opinion.  It had a strong lead in, so I think this series can't fall below 10 million and a 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demo, if it expects to survive.  It's off to a great start, and if the series is any good, it should retain its viewers.  I'll have more on this show, at the very least, in my next edition of "What I'm Watching Now".  It went head to head with Body of Proof (ABC), and still did well.  I look forward to seeing the episode.

Notable for not so good ratings:

Parenthood (NBC)

5.28 million Overall Viewers
2.1/6 in the 18-49 demo

It's a good thing this series is on NBC, or it would have been canceled two years ago.  Now they're putting it up against a new show that's expected to perform well, and a good performer from last season.  Good thing this series can move to Mondays, when The Playboy Club is canceled, or you won't be seeing a full season.  If it makes it through this season, somehow, it will be back for a fourth season, but, yeah, I'm calling it now.  Love up on Parenthood while you can, fans, because it's going to be gone real soon.

Body of Proof (ABC)

9.41 million Overall Viewers
2.2/6 in the 18-49 demo

Body of Proof was a mid-season replacement last year, and it benefited highly from the DWTS lead ins, with relatively little competition.  It still has that lead in, but the numbers are down significantly, from last season, if I am not dropped on my head like a little baby.  Last season was so all over the map, that the series needed a major re-tooling going into the second season.  I have it on my DVR, and I'm looking forward to finding out if they have changed this series for the better.  They would really have to screw the pooch, to get this series canceled, but if it's anything like it was last season, it's in trouble.  I'll have more on this in my next "What I'm Watching Now", unless it upsets or impresses me so much that I do a full a write up.

I don't think anything else noteworthy happened last night, so we'll leave it at that.  Ratings for tonight's episodes will be really interesting, and I look forward to seeing those.  There should be much to write about tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.

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