Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Occasionally The Good Ones Win

There was excellent news today for anyone who considers themselves an Alphas (Syfy) fan.  While the ratings for the show were relatively low in comparison to some TV series that have been canceled, it appears that Syfy sees the potential of where this series can go.  It's nice to know that the fans can occasionally win, and that a channel can sometimes see the potential of a show (FOX take a note, please).

Alphas is just unique enough to be extremely entertaining, on an almost weekly basis.  The comedic touch of the Minivan, while never being pointed out, is something that makes me love this series.  Now, if they can just crash into a parking meter, and have coins come out, I will love it even more.

13 episodes have been ordered for 2012, and I can't wait to see what this series becomes, as I had become increasingly concerned, over the last few weeks, that this series was going to be canceled.  I, for one, am truly glad to be wrong.  The link below is to the full story on TV by the Numbers.  Thanks for reading.

Alphas renewed

Here's also a link to what I wrote about The Pilot, when it first aired:

ALPHAS: People With A Plan In A Minivan

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