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What I'm Watching Now #8 (August 26, 2011 Edition)

I wasn't going to write one of these this week, but I sucked it up and decided to anyway.  Nothing on the schedule really blew me away, so this will probably be short and not so sweet.  If you go into this not expecting much, you won't be disappointed.  The good news, for me and you, is that hardly anyone reads this anyway.

I will probably be writing extensively on the vast amount of summer finales coming up in the next two weeks, but I have a feeling the seasons will just limp into their finales.  With all that said, let's get to what I'm watching now.

Ratings Legend:

*Don't waste your time
**Some people may like it, but overall, it's not going to change your life if you watch it or miss it.  Shows between 2 stars and 3 stars are on the line of watchable.
***Solid, watchable show.  If I give something 3 stars, I think you can safely watch it, and usually enjoy it.
****You should definitely watch this show, at least once.
*****Why are you not watching this show?


Alphas (Syfy, Check local listings)****
Most recent episode rating-***

I liked the episode, but it just really felt like it didn't have much of a point.  The episode was titled "Catch and Release", and featured an Alpha who had been found, but as opposed to the rest of the Alphas who were put in Binghamton (if they were dangerous), or with Dr. Rosen (if they apparently could be rehabilitated), this person was allowed to go back out on her own.  We'll call this "monster" The Inventor.  The Inventor has made some pretty insane stuff.  During the course of this, she has sold her stuff to some very bad people.  Dr. Rosen is basically sent to rescue her, but it turns out there's a lot more to the story that you'll have to watch yourself to see.

The four interesting undercurrents in the episode were Bill's wife wanting to have children, Gary's Mom trying to stop him from working for Dr. Rosen, Nina's disillusionment in regards to how The Inventor was treated, and The Inventor having a child.  One of Bill's fears in having children was what would happen with his Alpha skills, and the life The Inventor lives would presumably make it difficult to want to make that choice.  While there were lots of interesting little undercurrent things going on, the main story was kind of so-so.

While I do love this series, the ratings for Alphas are relatively low, and a series that has been on for four years, on Syfy, was basically canceled, by being told it would be given a shorter episode order for its final season.  That series has more viewers than Alphas, so I can't imagine its prospects for renewal are good.  Maybe Syfy will see the potential, and give it a second season, but I am honestly worried about the prospects of renewal for this series.

The Closer (TNT, 9pm EDT)****
Most recent episode rating-****

I'll have to make my Monday night crime block be a stretch, this week, as it was pretty hard to connect The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles.  However, I did it, so there.  This week's crime block is called "Hidden Family Monday".  

If you have seen me write about The Closer over the past several weeks, you will notice that I rag on it about not taking itself seriously.  Amazingly, we got a very serious episode, this week, that had almost no humor.  It was a good solid cop show, and not nearly as condescending, as many of the episodes are, to the audience's intelligence.  The only humor in the episode came in the form of the perp's confession.  Nothing the perp said was funny, but it was pretty hilarious how the perp just straight up confessed at the end.

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT, 10pm EDT)****
Most recent episode rating-****

This was a pretty weird episode, but it had a lot of great character interactions in it.  I'll give you a very brief set of ideas about the show, coupled with the "Hidden Family Monday" theme, and you can decide what it was all about.

A witch has been killed in Salem (I think).
A coven is discovered.
One of the coven is a priest's daughter.
The priest is creepy.

The Big C (Showtime, 10:30pm EDT)***
Most recent episode rating-***

In this episode, Cathy is dead.  Well, everyone thinks she is, anyway.  An obituary for Cathy Tolkey has been placed in the local newspaper, and lots of goodies have been rolling in for the widower, Paul.  The only problem is that Cathy was the name Rebecca had given her unborn child.  Unfortunately, in the previous episode, Rebecca had a miscarriage.  In this episode, Rebecca wants an elaborate funeral, and seriously, it is really friggin' creepy.  Jenny Bicks wrote this episode, and I was surprised I didn't shake my fist at the screen, by the end.  Maybe it's because I just don't really care anymore.  I don't really know, but something "big" does happen by the end of the episode.  Unlike many of the other "big" things that happen in this series, I was actually glad to see this one happen.


Necessary Roughness (USA, 10pm EDT)**
Most recent episode rating-**

**YAWN** (Notice the two stars around each side of the yawn?  Those stars represent the quality of the episode)

The T.O., oops, I mean T.K. story has come to a head.  Yeah, this series basically started because of the team wanting Dr. Dani to fix T.K.  Eight episodes in, and T.K. is a mess.  Based on the promo for next week's episode, he'll get back on track.  Guess it's a good thing Dani has other clients, because she basically never made a dent in T.K., the whole basis for the show.  My wife is already making noise that she's going to continue watching this series, no matter how long it's on, so I guess I'm stuck with it, even though I could easily lose it, and not miss it, after this season.  This series is extremely likely to get renewed, so just like The Event (while much better than that), I will just be going through the motions and hope it gets good.  It has potential, but it's just doing almost nothing right in the last several episodes.


Burn Notice (USA, 9pm EDT)*****
Most recent episode rating-*****

Jack Marsden is a sonofabch!  He is totally foiling the bad guys in this episode.  They get so mad.  By the end of the episode, they put it all together, and just know that Michael Westen is working with Marsden.  BAHAHAHAHAHA!  Watch, and you'll see what is so funny.

The other story had this gem of an exchange in it:

Sam (to guy he once tased, who is very very bitter about this, who just got tased and kidnapped by Fiona, while Sam was trying to apologize to him for tasing him back in the day.  He also has an ankle bracelet for house arrest that has recently been discovered in this scene):  Okay, so how about this? You help us with this computer problem, I'll call in a favor with my cop buddy, see what we can work out. 
Guy Sam once tased:  So you're saying that if I do you a favor, you'll attempt to solve the problem that you just created for me? 
Sam: So, it's a deal? 
Sam's old friend: Fine, Fine, Fine! But just to remind you, I'm sending out a come and get me signal.  My lab is probably crawling with cops.

Suits (USA, 10pm EDT)**** 
Most recent episode rating-****

Just when we thought the fake lawyer story line was over, it comes back with a vengeance.  In this case, it turns out that the firm has to fire their accountant, due to him lying about his qualifications.  It's a career ender for this guy, and there's an obvious parallel for Mike.  Harvey tells him to stop sweating, he won't get caught.  Do you know why he probably says this?  That's right, I'm willing to bet you that Harvey's past is completely fabricated, just like Mike's!

Needless to say, Mike's brilliant, just like the accountant was.  Will it be enough?  Stay tuned, I'm willing to bet something pretty big is potentially going to happen in the season finale, coming up in two weeks.

So, that was the week that nearly wasn't, or could have been done without.  I hope it was more enjoyable for you to read this than it was to watch these shows this week.  Thanks for reading. 

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