Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Scrapbook: The Story of Law & Order: Criminal Intent Told Using Pictures

If they say a picture's worth a thousand words, you can only imagine how long this blog post will be.  As promised, here's my blog post about Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  Many of you know that L&O: Criminal Intent is my favorite entry in the Law & Order franchise.  It showed up in 2001, on the heels of the success of Law & Order's first spinoff, Special Victims Unit.  Whereas the original L&O had a crime, an investigation, and a trial, this would not be the case for L&O: Criminal Intent.  A crime would happen, usually a major crime, meaning the scale of the crime, who it happened to, or where it happened.  The investigation would generally start with explaining to the audience why it was involving Major Case, the unit assigned to the investigation.  Sometimes there would be crimes that clearly were not Major Case Squad worthy, but we let it slide.  The case would then be investigated by brilliant, but clearly with a lot of issues, Detective Bobby Goren, and his partner Detective Alex Eames.  Sometimes the A.D.A. Ron Carver would get involved, but generally these cases ended with Goren coaxing a confession out of the hapless criminal.  This became so prevalent a theme, that in later years, there would not even be an A.D.A. shown in any of the shows.

Anyone who has watched the entire show knows that it has quite an insane story arc, and a lot of background on the main characters.  During Season 9, we saw our show implode.  Goren had become too much of a liability for the Police Department to handle, so they decided to fire him.  This happened on the heels of Captain Danny Ross being assassinated during a covert FBI operation.  With the investigation closed, Eames was offered the position of Captain.  However, in order to become Captain, her first assignment was to fire Goren.  This was quite a choice for her, as Captain had always been her dream.  She takes the position, she fires Goren, and then she quits!  So, goodbye to our favorite characters in the show.

However, since Hollywood (New York?) never wants us to have an unhappy ending, Goren and Eames are back for the "final" season!  We are 4 episodes in, and there hasn't been much of an explanation of why Goren and Eames are back.  We got a little back story that the new Captain brought Goren back, as long as he would go to a Department Psychiatrist, but we have no information on what brought Eames back.  No matter, it's almost as if the last three seasons didn't happen.  And, that's a good thing. 

The return episode was a little weak, as they were trying to capitalize on the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco, but since then, the episodes have gotten progressively stronger.  The last episode "The Last Street in Manhattan" was fantastic, and as good an episode as I have seen in any of the L&O franchise in the last several years.  Criminal Intent returns to NBC, this Monday, and after the first episode of the new season, I think it is well worth your time to watch it.

That's the end of the writing portion.  Now, I am going to post a "history" of Criminal Intent in photos, and if you actually understand it, it shows how much of a fan you really are.  This turned out to take an excessive amount of work.  I know the pictures are a little hard to see, so if you don't mind clicking on "zoom" or magnifying glass in your browser to see them better, it would make for a better experience.  I couldn't figure out how to make the picture fit properly in the preview, and it just didn't look right, big.  Anyone with better suggestions for how to do that will be thanked profusely.  I have the .jpg available if you can make it better.  Thanks for reading.


  1. that collage looks like a lot of work! OYE! magalie

  2. That is the truth, Magalie! I hope you understood it, somewhat.


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