Friday, May 27, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

The journey has begun.  This will be a short* post, with an introduction to what all this will be about.  I can probably promise you that it will be one of the shortest posts you will read, on here**.  Many can probably attest to the typical longwindedness*** of my posts.   Is that a word?  I don't really care.

I'm not a trained writer, and perhaps not even a good writer.  I may screw up punctuations, possibly grammar, and most likely paragraphs, but I will at least try to be somewhat entertaining along the way.  I will love dialogs about what I wrote, but not those that include things like, "why isn't a comma there?", "man, you're terrible at grammar", or "OMG, huge wall of text".  This blog will hopefully make you think about the television you watch in a different light, and it may also make me think about new choices I should possibly watch.  Note how I say "may". 

I have been pretty picky about my television viewing habits in the last 15 years.  It's hard to get me to watch something new, especially if I've seen a weak promo for it.  However, even though I may not be interested now, there is a possibility I will be, in the future, and even though I'm interested now, there is a possibility I won't be, in the future.  This relatively open mind has allowed me to find the diamonds in the rough of Burn Notice, The Good Guys, and Fairly Legal, later, but better than never.  It's never too late to find good television, unless it's one of those stupid shows with an actual (or attempted) story line (Lost, The Event, etc.).  You know, those are the ones where you need to go back to Season 1 to find out what's going on, and the only way you can do that is to buy it on DVD, since not everyone has gotten on board the train.  This probably ruins my chances of watching a lot of good shows I've heard about on the cable networks, because I just don't want to catch up in that onerous way, you know...spending money.  Those cable networks also do a piss poor job of showing older seasons, unless their name happens to include the letters U S and A.  So, while I admit I am probably interested in checking out Mad Men or Breaking Bad, these seem to be shows that start out on an arc, and oopsie, I've missed that arc.  The best shows include an arc, while making it not necessary to know the arc.  A good example of this used to be House.  Now, I'm not sure what House is a good example of, other than what not to do to a TV show.

At any rate, I hope this ends up being a fun journey for all who follow.  This is the short introduction, which should scare you.  My next blog, when time permits, will give you a background into how I came to have the thoughts I do.  It will let you know how long, and probably how much, television I have watched in my life.  I am very knowledgeable about TV from part of the 50s, the 60s, 70s, 80s, and part of the 90s.  If the show made any kind of impact, it's likely I saw at least one episode, or at least heard of it.  I obviously didn't watch Thirty-Something in high school.  That would be going too far for the art.  My next blog will very likely be very long.  It will be a dissection of the Primetime Television, throughout the eras of TV, that I find has the greatest meaning for my life, and how I came to be in the TV industry.

It's hard to believe, but FOX, when it first came out, had a major impact on my viewing habits.  I even remember Jennifer Love Hewitt before she had the name Jennifer, and before she was famous. 

A weird by-product of this blog is going to be that I am actually going to give NEW television shows shots that I wouldn't normally give (good writing material, I hope).  Also, this blog doesn't care about reality TV, in fact, it hates it.  I'm subjected to plenty of reality TV (thanks or no thanks to my wife, Karra), and grudgingly admit that lately the most intriguing reality TV for me has been the Braxtons' show.  I watched one episode, and it was kind of interesting.  When forced to be in the room with it, I have noticed myself *occasionally* paying attention.  That night, I cried myself to sleep.  However, that is, hopefully, the only reality TV discussion we will ever have on the blog.  Okay, okay, I admit I *may* comment about who I think will or won't win ANTM (another show I am subjected to), but don't get your hopes up.  You will definitely NOT hear my thoughts on the latest round of judging on DWTS (I mean it, dammit!). 

I hope you enjoyed this, I hope you'll enjoy the future things we share together, and I hope we share some new television discoveries, together.  It's a somewhat scary journey, putting myself out there, like this, and I hope what I say on here doesn't get me in too much trouble.  I'd love to work consistently in the business, again, but, for now, I'll just take the crumbs I'm given, and try to write a blog you can all enjoy.  Thanks for reading.

P.S. Here are a few of my future blog ideas.

1.  2010-2011 TV season post mortem on shows I watched
2.  I'll write a blog about Law & Order:  Criminal Intent, which used to be my favorite show.
3.  I'll write my first TV review, for which I already have the name of the headline:  "Bash N Franklin & Bash".   You shouldn't have any problems deciphering what show that review will be about.  Now, all we have to see is whether it will live down to expectations.

*I do not know what short is.
**Maybe, maybe not
***Told you so

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